The community enjoys the Robin Hills swimming pool which has recently been refilled and reopened although everything from cleaning the toilets to maintaining the equipment has to be taken care of by the local lifeguards although this is not in their job description.

Community 99 Councilwoman Nicole van Dyk and lifeguard Alister Lee show the filter room now clean after lifeguards removed the belongings of drug dealers and addicts who used it. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

Access to the public swimming pool is free, although the municipal facility is said to have a caretaker or manager, said Ward 99 councilwoman Nicole van Dyk.

In the bathrooms, one of the two faucets doesn’t work and one of the four toilet flushes doesn’t work. Toilet paper needs to be kept in the lifeguard’s office as it kept getting stolen in the bathrooms.

Marley and Leigh-Toune Pheiffer enjoy the pool. Photo Nicholas Zaal

The filter room was also a haven for drug dealers and addicts during the winter before the lifeguards came in and cleaned the room before the pool reopened.

Now outside the water is clear in both the main pool and baby pool and parishioners make good use of it even on weekdays.

The toilets are in a state of disrepair and toilet paper has to be kept in the lifeguard’s office because it keeps getting stolen. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

“We come to the pool almost every day and it’s great,” said Leigh-Toune Pheiffer, who swam with his family one afternoon.

“The water is clean and the lifeguards make us feel safe.”

For their part, lifeguards Alister Lee and Steven Thole said they love their job.

“I enjoy serving the community and giving a service,” Lee said.

Thole noted that he enjoys making people feel safe, but admitted that taking care of everything at the facility is sometimes difficult.

Councilor Nicole van Dyk turns on a faucet in the bathroom, but it doesn’t work. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

Van Dyk commended the lifeguards for doing everything they could after seeing the state of the facilities before the pool reopened.

Lifeguards Steven Thole and Alister Lee ensure that Robin Hills Swimming Pool is safe and the facilities are clean and running smoothly, although not all of this is in their job description

City of Johannesburg spokesmen have been contacted regarding the swimming pool and asked questions.

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