Rival teams contacted Red Bull sponsors in the F1 cost cap saga

Christian Horner has claimed rival F1 teams have contacted Red Bull sponsors amid their cost cap controversy last season.

Red Bull was found to have breached the $145 million after they overspent $1.8 million in four main areas.

The team was subsequently fined $7 million and received further restrictions on its aerodynamic testing permits, in addition to the restrictions on first place in the constructors’ championship in 2022.

Horner claims that opposing teams used “underhand” tactics to woo Red Bull’s sponsors, suggesting they could bring the brands into disrepute.

“It spoiled us. These things are used by your competitors,” he told the newspaper i.

“One of them contacted our sponsors and partners and made suggestions that we were discrediting their brands. That was just sneaky.

Horner: You can guarantee that other teams will scheme

There has been much talk of Red Bull winning every race in 2023 after dominating the opening races of the season.

Horner doesn’t expect them to go unchallenged this year, citing there will always be a team in the back trying to slow them down.

“There’s always something, always a technical guideline, that falls, a game changer,” Horner said.

“You can guarantee the others will scheme, ‘how can we stop them’

“It’s part of the game. If you live through it before you become more experienced at how to deal with it.”


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