Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Predicts Valentine’s Day Crypto Bloodbath
  • Robert Kiyosaki expects a multi-market crash in the coming days.
  • Crypto Twitter takes it with a pinch of salt as BTC slips 5.8%.
  • January CPI rates will be released on Valentine’s Day.

The author of the bestseller “Rich dad, poor dad” is pessimistic about the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in the near future. In a recent tweet, the multi-millionaire noted that the “VALENTINE’S DAY MASSACRE is predicted by Stansberry Research.”

Referring to Al Capone’s bloody operations in Chicago in the 1920’s, the author went into more detail and said: “Everything will collapse, including the prices of gold, silver, BC. No panic. Good news. I will buy more G, S, BC, real money with fake $.”

The American entrepreneur also mentioned that more than 144,000 people were cut off in the IT sector in 2022, suggesting a huge crash is imminent. Kiyosaki sees this as a buying opportunity and could join other famous crypto investors to “buy the dip.”

Why Valentine’s Day?

First, this theory is supported by the US government announcement of February 14, 2023. The Fed’s rate hike would affect monetary policy, thereby sending the crypto markets on a downtrend. According to crypto analyst Colin Wu, “The previous reading was 6.5% and the CPI is expected to be 6.3% in January.”

Second, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s crackdown on Kraken’s staking system resulted in a $30 million fine and immediate termination of the product. Developments sent the leading crypto down 5.8% over the past seven days and slightly down 1% over the past 24 hours. At press time, (BTC) is trading at $21,619.82 CoinGecko.

Finally, crypto data analytics platform IntoTheBlock is showing three technical bearish signals for the price of Bitcoin, including Net Network Growth, In The Money, Large Transactions, and Bid-Ask Volume Imbalance.

On the flip side

  • Robert Kiyosaki’s predictions about the price of Bitcoin are often inaccurate. Mr. Kiyosaki once tweeted that he was “waiting for bitcoin to hit $1,000.” Of course, the tweet confused many of his followers, with some asking if it was a typo. The author often makes spelling mistakes in his tweets.

Why you should care

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the world’s best-selling books, selling over 40 million copies. The author’s net worth is estimated at $100 million.

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