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Review: ‘Raven’s Hollow’ is a gripping gothic horror directed by Christopher Hatton

William Moseley and Melanie Zanetti in Raven’s Hollow. Photo courtesy of Shudder

Raven’s Hollow, starring William Moseley, is a gripping gothic horror film directed by Christopher Hatton.

The Shudder Original Raven’s Hollow will be available on the platform this Thursday, September 22nd. It was written and directed by Christopher Hatton.

The film is a gothic horror retelling of the life of Edgar Allan Poe and features a cast of actors including William Moseley (“The Chronicles of Narnia”), Melanie Zanetti (“Love and Monsters”) and multi-award-winning actress Kate Dickie (“Game of Thrones”).

Transformative and dashing as Edgar Allan Poe, William Moseley showcases many levels and depths to his character. You can hear his heart in this film…literally!

Melanie Zanetti and Kate Dickie are memorable, as is Charlotte Ingram and Elizabet Ingram, respectively.

Raven’s Hollow is set in the fall of 1830. The synopsis reads as follows: West Point military cadet Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets during a drill in upstate New York come across a disemboweled man on a bizarre wooden stand.

His last words lead them to a forgotten community that they believe harbors dark secrets. Charmed by Charlotte, the innkeeper’s beautiful and mysterious daughter, and driven by the townsman’s refusal to speak to the killer, Poe resolves to uncover the truth.

Risking his life and more, Poe eventually faces the terror that will haunt him forever.

Check out the Raven’s Hollow trailer below.

It’s a rare film that explores the early days of Poe’s life while serving as a backdrop in the military. Hatton’s film blends history and fiction to create a truly unique British supernatural period horror rich in dark gothic imagery.

Compliments to Christopher Hatton for his solid storytelling, vision, compelling direction and compelling screenplay rich in character development. This gothic horror is sure to keep viewers hooked, and it should come with the caveat that it shouldn’t be watched close to bedtime (for fear of gruesome gothic nightmares).

Hatton co-wrote with Chuck Reeves and the film is being produced by Caroline Stern for Canoe Film, Andrejs Ekis for Cinevilla Studios and Todd Lundbohm and Mark Andrews for 828 Media Capital. Worth more than a cursory glance, it is rated A. Well done.

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William Moseley in
William Moseley in “Raven’s Hollow”. Photo courtesy of Shudder

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