If you thought Among Us was the greatest game of cheating, then you are dead wrong. Deceive Inc. is a complete game changer. The game was published by Sweet Bandits Studios.

As expected, this is a multiplayer game that gives you more options than you could ever imagine. This game combines the concepts of Among Us with weapons and better graphics.

For PlayStation gamers, it is available for PlayStation 5. And Xbox players can play Deceive Inc. on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It’s safe to say that this game features a new generation console. But Deceive Inc. is also playable on PC and you can buy it on Steam or Epic Games. Epic Games is known for having free game giveaways every week, so stay tuned.

deceive inc

Credit: Sweet Bandits Studios

  • Release date: March 21, 2023
  • Available on: PlayStation, Xbox and PC
  • Genre: Shooter, Indie Game, Strategy, Stealth

To play on PC without hiccups and ensure you have a smooth experience, check the minimum requirements to run the game.

  • Operating system: Windows 10 (latest service pack) or Windows 11 (latest service pack)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 or AMD Ryzen 3 3300U
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 or AMD Radeon R7 265
  • DirectX: version 11
  • Network: Broadband internet connection
  • Storage: 8 GB available storage space

As you can see, this game can run even on a decent computer. This game doesn’t need those high-end specs to run the game. However, keep in mind that a 64-bit processor and operating system are definitely required to run the game. Without this, the game will not be supported by your PC.

Deceive Inc. supports different languages ​​with full interface, audio and subtitles. The following languages ​​are supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Spanish – Spain, and Simplified Chinese. Luckily in the growing age of PlayStation gamers Vs. Xbox gamers have cross-platform support for this game.


This has no actual story as it is a multiplayer game that contains different elements from different games. It features some elements from Overwatch 2 while the other elements are from Apex Legends.

You can play this game in an old fashioned way which is the battle royale way where you have multiple people in your squad and the people in your team don’t have the same skills. You can also play Deceive Inc. alone or in a team of three.

cheat inc

Team of three players.

Each player starts the game as an NPC, but remember that there are more NPCs than players in the game. This is an advantage and a disadvantage. Let’s get to the benefit first, since there are a lot of NPCs, shuffling becomes really easy.

Now the biggest disadvantage would be that all NPCs behave in the same behavior and any kind of suspicious activity would alert other players.

The developers of Deceive Inc made sure that even the game has a very retro vibe and conveys the nostalgia of the 70’s, but they make sure that you don’t have to bother doing everything the 70’s way because They equip you with the best of the best and the latest in spy technology.

As with any other game, we can see that there are different types of characters and these characters are divided into four different groups. One is first Trickster, next Tracker, third is the Disruptors and last but not least there is Vanguards.

Different groups have different abilities and one should be a strategist to choose the right character from one of the four categories or what suits them well and helps them better in the game.

playing style

Even though this type of game is a new concept, the gameplay still feels very familiar as it relates to some other games mentioned above. The game gives you quite a number of options to choose from, some of the options are playing alone or with teams, choose from one of the four categories and even from these categories you can choose your own character.

The characters you can choose from are Rupert Reid aka “Squire”, Tamar Zaken aka “Ace”, Ethan Chavez aka “Chavez”, Madame Xiu, Hans Moritz aka “Hans”, Florence Jacques aka “Cavalière”, Francois Claudet aka “Larcin”, Yu-Mi Kwon aka “YU-MI”.

All characters from Deceive Inc.

All characters from Deceive Inc.

The main objective of the game is that you have to retrieve a golden briefcase. If you play in a team, both teams will search for a golden briefcase, and if you play alone, twelve players in particular will search for the briefcase.

Golden briefcase to fight for.

Golden briefcase to fight for.

There are different phases to play this game. If you can complete each stage correctly, you will be a winner in Deceive Inc. So the phases in this game are:

1. Insertion: The most important thing is to collect information from terminals; These Intel Points can be spent on hidden doors, finding items, and even hacking the terminals that open secret vaults. If you’re overly suspicious, other players will find out, and you could jump right into the fray.

2. Infiltration: Inside, the vault doors will open and these doors will lead you to the Golden Briefcase. But since everyone can see that the door has been opened and everyone will go there, some might feel that the map is being shortened like in Battle Royale, but that’s not the case as the map is still accessible. If you’re not in the right place, you might miss the golden briefcase.

3. Flee: Once you find the golden briefcase you will have to reach the extraction point, but as expected it will not be that easy. Your location will be constantly pinged after you get the Golden Briefcase. All enemies can see the location and can come to steal your briefcase.

This is the most important part of the game as this will set the concrete base of the game. One way to deal with this is that you can increase the security level and go to the briefcase first. The second way to deal with this is to locate and kill the other spies, who of course aren’t NPCs. Last but not least, you can upgrade and then wait to steal the briefcase from another player.

honest opinions

This game has a very different approach and is something that has never been seen before. This game also has a very story. Deceive Inc. gives a very retro vibe but somehow still manages to keep futuristic elements.

The game gives players the independence to choose their playstyle. Deceice Inc. lets you choose your own characters that have different types of specialties and you can choose your own gadgets like bulletproof umbrellas, halo microphones, etc. Since there are 12 spies in the game, you can get very innovative in your playstyle.

The game currently feels a bit too chaotic, but not too chaotic to not recommend. This has very few negative aspects that can easily be overlooked as the game has spent a very long time in alpha and beta phases.

Our verdict

Deceive Inc. has plenty of time to grow since the game just came out and it’s already an amazing game. Although this is a paid game and as of now you can buy Deceive Inc. for $19.99 on Steam. Hopefully the game of spy vs. spy stays the same because from now on this is the game’s main selling point.

The developers of Deceive Inc., that is, Sweet Bandits Studios, should invest a little more in the promotion of this game, because many people don’t know this game yet. Due to the ignorance of this game, you may not find many players playing the game. The game gets better as the game gets cheaper and there are more people in the game lobby.

Our rating: ⭐ (4.2/5).

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