Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield join the ranks of Fortnite

Where are we falling, bingo?

Epic Games juggernaut battle royale title Fourteen days is about to faint 100% more than resident Evil Cuties Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield are ready to grace The Ever-Decreasing Circle with their own unique brand of firepower and supercharged sexuality.

The legendary duo, who made their debut in Capcom’s iconic survival horror release, Resident Evil 2, are the latest crossover characters to join Fortnite’s literal who’s who of pop culture stars. RPD Officer Leon is outfitted in his trusty assault knife and briefcase back bling, but doesn’t wear a hipster jacket, instead rocking his battle gear ready for the final game.

The more beautiful Redfield, like Leon, is stylized after her Resident Evil 2 remake design and wears her bootcut jeans and scarlet biker jacket combo. Claire guards the many locked doors of the Raccoon City Police Department with her RPD back bling, wielding a special pickaxe stylized as a red and white umbrella – a tribute to the horrific bioweapons maker behind the fall of Raccoon City.

The Raccoon City Survivors Pack featuring Leon & Claire is now available in Fourteen days for 2,100 V Bucks. And for much more from Mr. Kennedy (no, not the wrestler) you can check out the long-awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake launching March 24th on PlayStation, PC and Xbox platforms.

Chris Moyse

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