Resellers can find Pokemon cards at a ridiculously low price in the yard sale

A reseller browsing a flea market finds a box of Pokemon TCG cards at an incredibly low price considering the potential value.

A fan of Pokemon trading card game was at a flea market and found a box full of cards, some of which are incredibly valuable, and was able to snag everything inside for an incredibly low price. The lengths some go to to become valuable Pokemon TCG Cards are extreme, but there are times when fans just stumble upon amazing value without planning and just being in the right place at the right time.

Since the content creators spend a significant amount on it Pokemon TCG Cards, it is not surprising that many are highly prized and have great potential to make a profit for those interested in reselling them. However, this comes with a great deal of risk as the potential for losing a significant amount of cash is a real possibility, making many purchases more or less a gamble. At the same time, people trying to offload a lot of unused storage may have something valuable that they are selling at a huge loss, never knowing its true value.


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This situation happened when TikTok user ncpicker uploaded a video of him picking a box full Pokemon TCG Tickets offered at a flea market and $5 for everything inside. Ncpicker agrees to the price while sorting the cards, which are further cemented if the seller’s friend also agrees. The video ends with all parties agreeing and finalizing the deal.

Many users who watched the video responded with a plethora of jokes, one stating they talked the seller down to $3 and another asking what retirement was like. With how expensive Pokemon TCG cards, those who comment on how their parents did the same thing by selling old collections for an incredibly low price are entitled to whine when they see how their respective incidents played out. It shows how common the events in the video are and while many can only comment from the perspective of someone who may have lost a massive win, this video shows how that same experience is from the perspective of the shopper who knows how good he makes a deal.

Pokemon Fans start collecting cards for a number of reasons, ranging from simply playing the game to collecting cards with beautiful artwork, but some of the biggest risk takers are those who collect cards for their monetary value. Collecting and reselling is an endeavor that can involve losing thousands of dollars, with moments like what happened with ncpicker showing that occasionally the pursuit can only be profit.

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