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Removed all weapons and items for Chapter 3 Season 4

The continuous development of Fourteen days contains the ever-changing meta of the game structure. It appears that Fourteen days will evolve into higher combat forms each week through the weapons and items available in the loot pool. Fourteen days‘s Chapter 3 Season 4 continues the trend of removing some great and not-so-great weapons and items from the loot pool.

When Fourteen days decides that an item has to go, it goes into the vault. Vaulting means keeping a weapon or item out of the loot pool, but nothing prevents it from returning in the later weeks or other seasons. Fourteen daysThe latest chapter of is the latest change to the meta, and here’s what it brought.


10 Port-A-Fort

Many fans were happy and returned Fourteen days once the game introduced its fairly new “no-build” mode. This battle royale variant was the same as the classic that made it famous, but without the need to build it. This mode came under fire when Port-A-Fort was released in no-build games, as it meant players could gain metal high ground simply by throwing an object at their feet.

Since the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 4, the Port-a-Fort has been vaulted. Players don’t have to worry about an enemy 4 tiles above them in a menacing metal structure. Nevertheless, you should watch out for creeping chrome.

9 revolver

For a few seasons, the revolver managed to remain quite a threat. Not only does the revolver look cool and intimidating, but its bulky size and stopping power mean it can also do quite a bit of damage at long range. With the release of Fourteen days Chapter 3 Season 4, the revolver is one of the weapons to enter the vault. Perhaps the creeping chrome will pose a threat to the Vault.

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The revolver has undergone many changes in both design and performance Fourteen days, but now the weapon is dormant until called again. It was a pretty decent weapon with a low rate of fire but a large amount of damage for its range.

8th Automatic shotgun

The fully automatic automatic shotgun had moderate damage and a high rate of fire. There was a lot to love about the automatic shotgun, and it wouldn’t be uncommon to say that it was a fairly popular choice among players aiming for the win royale Fourteen days‘s island. This is due to the easy accessibility. Recoil was low, rate of fire was fast, and eliminations were high.

The auto shotgun’s range was also pretty average, dealing damage that can add up to around 75 to 92 per shot, with a headshot multiplayer of 1.5x. The damage cap was 145, meaning two clean headshots could easily finish off an opponent.

7 Striker Pump Shotgun

fans of the original Fourteen days aware of the great sin and evil damage that the “double pump” method can do. Ever since this was removed from the game, the Pump Shotgun has been a shell of its former power. The Striker Pump Shotgun is a variation on the original with a slick new design and a tendency towards narrow spreads.

It’s a fairly accurate shotgun, but the rate of fire is slow. That slow rate of fire shouldn’t be a deterrent, however, as a headshot with this weapon can have a damage cap of 185. However, players don’t need to worry about being eliminated with this weapon as it has since returned to the vault as of the first week of Chapter 3 Season 4.

6 Two-barreled shotgun

To compensate for the lack of a “double pump”, Fourteen days created the double-barreled shotgun. This weapon was essentially a pump action shotgun fired as a two-shot salvo. The gun was quite dangerous, but like the other shotguns, it was vaulted at the beginning of Chapter 3 Season 4.

The two-shotgun had a lot of potential, but also a lot of inconsistencies. The recoil was very high and the rate of fire of the two shots fired made it quite difficult to get a double headshot. The reward would grant 1.75x multiplayer damage. However, the time between bursts was unfriendly, leaving players open and vulnerable to attacks.

5 Charge MP

The Charge SMG was introduced the previous season and lasted only one season. This divisive weapon saw celebration and sadness around the world Fourteen days Community based on their Vault placement. As an SMG, it contradicted its design by requiring charging. However, the complete lack of recoil and intense speed made it deadly if dealt with properly.

Rather, SMGs have changed that Fourteen days meta, due to their high rate of fire and ability to outrun enemies with shotguns. This is thanks to consistent headshot damage, and the Charge SMG was capable of it.

4 Stinger SMG

With an incredible rate of fire, this fully automatic SMG eats through ammo just as it eats through enemy players’ shields and health. The Stinger SMG was a real threat to the game and lacked a lot of dispersion. The weapon could be fired accurately, hitting a target with each shot at medium and close ranges.

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With the latest Fourteen days Season the Stinger SMG was placed in the vault. Many may be content with this decision; due to the problems this weapon causes on the battlefield. Others, however, may want the weapon to return as quickly as its rate of fire.

3 Striker Burst Rifle

As one of the first assault rifles in Fourteen days To offer a first-person perspective, the Striker Burst Rifle could be game-changing Fourteen days due to using perspective mode to get into the headgear. The scope was very powerful and meant long fury fights with small bullet drops would make for some interesting fights.

The weapon’s recoil can be tamed, and the two-shot burst was fairly quick, meaning players didn’t have to wait long before unleashing ballfire on the Fourteen days Island. The Striker Burst Rifle was unique and has since been vaulted.

2 Heavy sniper rifle

Players would feel the power of this weapon when they encountered someone hiding in a building. The heavy sniper rifle was capable of destroying walls, stairs and other objects that could prevent the weapon from enjoying another elimination. It’s a major threat that has since been vaulted for a less superior sniper rifle.

The heavy sniper rifle was extremely powerful and accurate with only one bullet per magazine. The weapon had to be reloaded after each shot, which could take up to four seconds. Every shot counts in this sniper, and it feels great.

1 grapple gloves

When players missed the opportunity to swing the Fourteen days Island with Spider-Man’s web shooters, then they had a similar experience last season thanks to the gripping gauntlets. This miscellaneous item used to be found in toolboxes at the pink grabber stops, but sadly no longer.

The movement of the grapple gloves was a lot of fun as players had to attach themselves to surfaces to swing and build momentum for some intense speeds. However, if players are shot mid-air, the tether would break and they would fall to their deaths.

Fourteen days is free to play on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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