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Beware of AIs with friendly names. Chat with them for a while and they will start to seem like friends. They become your go-to source for answers, career advice, recipes, jokes, and life decisions. Soon you won’t be able to live without them. Hundreds of millions of people turn to Bing every day. We talk to Siri and Alexa regularly. We’ll have Bard soon. And the question everyone is asking is: will AI replace humans? The bold sci-fi comedy series Mrs Davis (2023) poses an even harder question: Can it replace God?

Mrs Davis series creator Damon Lindelof (Guardian, The rest) And Tara Hernandez (The big Bang Theory) imagine an omniscient and supposedly benevolent AI named Mrs. Davis who has amassed billions of users who rely on her “validation, gentle guidance, and unconditional care” and follow her instructions to go on quests “to to earn wings”. By communicating directly with users via earbuds, Mrs. Davis has all ears and has become the voice in people’s heads, telling them what they want to hear. Who can resist the friendly Mrs. Davis? Well, a certain nun is certainly not a believer. Troubled by Mrs. Davis’ near-total control over people, badass, motorcycling nun Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin) joins the resistance, and her ex-boyfriend rodeo rider Wiley (Jake McDorman), on an epic battle against the godlike machine.


It’s a crazy battle royale between technology and religion, and it seems about as over the top as it can get. Simone’s war against Mrs. Davis leads her on a quest for the Holy Grail and leads to encounters with sinister Reno magicians, Jesus, Nazis and resistance fighters in spectacular scenes more hallucinatory than ChatGPT’s wildest (electric) dreams.

Betty Gilpin in Mrs. Davis
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When and where is Mrs. Davis releasing (and how many episodes are there)?

Mrs Davis consists of eight one-hour episodes. The first four episodes of the first season will be released on April 20, 2023 on Peacock. New episodes will follow on the following Thursdays, with the finale due out on May 18th. And once it’s out, you can watch the series by clicking the button below:

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Here’s a fun fact about the title of the first episode, Mother of Mercy: The Call of the Horse: It was reportedly written by an algorithm created by the series writers, an AI that started thinking about Larry Bel -Air to call.

Watch the Mrs. Davis trailer

The official trailer too Mrs Davis was released on March 14, 2023. A woman receiving instructions from Mrs. Davis via earplugs tells Nurse Simone (Gilpin) that Mrs. Davis wants her to find the Holy Grail, to which the incredulous nun can only respond with a comical comment, “The what now? Simone has another mission in mind: bring down Mrs. Davis and rid humanity of its viral influence.

The trailer gives a glimpse of Lindelof’s tremendous talent for world building. There’s a field full of pianos. A gigantic Excalibur sword sticking out of a rock. Medieval reenactments. Hard partying nuns. A motorcyclist jumps through a giant donut. Understood Bonjovi“Livin’ on a Prayer”. It’s a delightfully surreal landscape beyond the powers of Dall-E and Midjourney combined. It’s all very unreal were it not for the real possibility of an AI takeover. “It’s only a matter of time before every person on earth does as they’re asked,” warns Wiley Simone, who fortunately is loyal and fearless and can wield what appears to be a sci-fi nunchuck.

Before the full-length trailer, a 50-second teaser for Mrs Davis was released on March 1, 2023, which you can see below:

Who is in the cast of Mrs. Davis?

Sister Simone is played by the sinfully underrated Betty Gilpin, best known for her Emmy-nominated breakout role on the heartwarming wrestling show GLOW. Gilpin shows her full range in Mrs Davis where she is everything: funny, wild, cheeky and vulnerable. Gilpin stars alongside Jack McDorman (Intoxicated, The right stuff), who plays Simone’s ex-boyfriend Wiley, a rodeo cowboy and leader of the anti-Mrs. Davis faction.

The epic comedy series features an equally epic ensemble cast that includes the following Andy McQueen (station eleven) as Jay; Chris Diamantopoulos (Silicon Valley) as JQ; Margo Martindale (The American) as Mother Superior of Simone’s Convent; Elizabeth Marvel (Homeland) as Celeste, Simone’s mother; David Arquette (Scream) as Monty, Simone’s father and dubious wizard; Ben Chaplin (The Nevers) as Arthur Schrödinger and Katja Herber (western world) as Mathilde.

Also in the cast are Eli Henry (player) as JPV, Ashley Romans (Y: The last man), Tom Wlaschiha (game of Thrones), Mathilde Oliver (1899), And Kim Hawthorne (Green leaf) as the kindergarten teacher deputizing for Mrs. Davis in the trailer.

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Who are the creators of Mrs. Davis?


Mrs Davis is the brilliant invention of one of television’s most inventive minds, Damon Lindelof, the award-winning creator behind the acclaimed series Guardian (2019), The restAnd LOST, for which he served as co-creator and showrunner. His feature film credits include star trek, PrometheusAnd World War Z. In search of his next big thing, Lindelof formed a partnership Mrs Davis Co-creator and showrunner Tara Hernandez, best known for her writing on The big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon. It was Hernandez who came up with the name Mrs. Davis, after her beloved elementary school teacher.

The two will write and run the show. Other authors of the series are Alberto Roldan, Johnny Sun, Noelle Vinas, Chikira Bennett, Jason Lev, Jason NingAnd Nadra Widatalla. Additional executive producers include OwenHarris (black mirror), who directs the show’s pilot, and Alethea Jones (diabolical), who is directing several episodes, along with Eugene Kelly (western world). Frederick EO Toye was also credited as directing one episode. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television for Peacock.

To fully appreciate the madness that is Mrs Davis, it helps to know its origin story. Lindelof and Hernandez came up with the idea of ​​an all-powerful AI in 2020, long before ChatGPT exploded into the mainstream. Frustrated by misinformation surrounding COVID, Hernandez had said, “I wish there was an app that we could click that would tell us what to do.”

As Lindelof and Hernandez tell Vulture, “Within half an hour it was like, ‘This is what the nuns should fight.’ Because if this app existed, it would ultimately replace God.”

What is Mrs. Davis’ plot about?

The official synopsis is as follows:

Mrs. Davis is the most powerful artificial intelligence in the world. Simone is the nun who has made it her mission to destroy her. Who do you have?


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