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Joel and Ellie live on as The last of us survives another season.

The Season 1 finale of the HBO Max show hit a record high in viewership — 8.2 million, to be exact — so we’re already feeling the anticipation for Season 2. It also left fans pretty rattled when Joel (Pedro Pascal) fought to take Ellie (Bella Ramsey) away from the Firefly Hospital, and the two return to Canmore. Only this time Joel is hiding a big secret from her.

The last of us Fans may not know how to spend their Sunday nights. So, Here’s what we know The last of us season 2:

Will there be season 2 of The last of us?

That’s right folks. Only two episodes on the show, Warner Brothers renewed The last of us for a second season. The video game adaptation exceeded expectations when it debuted, surpassing millions and millions of viewers.

“I’m honored, honored and frankly blown away that so many people tuned in and connected to our retelling of Joel and Ellie’s journey,” said the executive producer Neil Druckman in an opinion. “The cooperation with Craig Mazinour incredible cast and crew and HBO have exceeded my already high expectations.”

He added: “Now we have the absolute pleasure of being able to do it all over again with Season 2! On behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog & PlayStation, thank you!”

When is the release date of season 2 The last of us?

Pedro Pascal in Last of Us Season 1 Episode 9

Liane Hentscher//HBO

We haven’t heard an official premiere date yet, but Pedro teased Collider that “there’s a chance” that filming for the new season could begin this year.

In the meantime, Click Save at the top of this story. and circle back to this page later The last of us releases the official Season 2 trailer and release date.

Is season 2 over The last of us?

While the original video game is only two parts, that doesn’t necessarily mean only two seasons of the HBO series.

The co-creators spoke with us GQUK and to the question of whether season 2 could cover the entirety of The Last of Us: Part IICraig replied with an emphatic “No. Absolutely not.” Neil Druckman adding, “It’s more than one season.”

Craig and Neil kept quiet about how many seasons that means. The former told the outlet: “You noticed correctly that we won’t say how many. But more than one is factually correct.”

who will be there The last of us cast season 2?

Rutina Wesley, Gabriel Luna, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6

Liane Hentscher//HBO

We can expect The last of us Season 2 cast members include:

  • Pedro Pascal as Joel
  • Bella Ramsey as Ellie
  • Gabriel Luna as Tommy
  • Rutina Wesley as Mary

The biggest dilemma comes from the time skip part One To Part II, which brings Bella’s Ellie to an older age. Showrunners are calling Bella’s casting “lighting in a bottle” and say her return isn’t even a question, despite some fans’ uncertainty. Additionally, Craig pointed out that she is now Ellie’s age The last of us Part II

“The only way we would ever think about recasting Bella is if she said, ‘I don’t want to work with you guys anymore,'” Neil said, according to IGN. “Even then, I’m not sure we would allow her that. We could still force them to come back for Season 2.”

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Bella pretty much confirmed it herself on twitter. Amid the renewal news, she basked in the excitement, writing, “I’m riding (again) with my best friend dddd 🙂 #TheLastOfUsHBO.”

Bellie, for the win!

Any The last of us season 2 Spoiler?

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in Season 1 Episode 9 of Last of Us

Liane Hentscher//HBO

Brace yourself because if you thought season 1 was grim, The Last of Us Part II takes it to another level. Part II deals with the aftermath of Joel’s actions at the end of Part 1. While the first game focused on love and hope, the sequel is more about hate and revenge…

The events of The Last of Us Part II taking place a few years after the first game, and it’s likely that the second season of the HBO Max series will also have a time warp. However, the game contains flashbacks from years past, leaving it up to the streamer how and in what order to adapt the story.

‘The last of us’

'The last of us'

Even though HBO Max hasn’t officially announced anything beyond Season 2 The last of us series, Craig and Neil have hinted that more action and infected zombies are to come. “It’s entirely possible that there will be many more infected people later on,” Craig said. “And maybe different species.”

How do I watch or stream The last of us?

If you want to get active The last of us Season 1 is available to stream exclusively on HBO Max. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month. You can stream the series on your phone, tablet, computer, and TV by signing into the HBO Max app.

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