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Regional Pokémon like Wiglett expand on what it means to be a “mascot” of the series

The drip feed from Pokemon Scarlet and violet Information will continue as it nears release. Game Freak’s marketing strategy for the ninth generation Pokemon Games is different, but can play to its strengths. Pokemon Scarlet and violet are meant to be an open-ended adventure unlike anything the series has seen before, so it makes sense to keep the spirit of discovery alive for as long as possible. While this has seemingly contributed to more leaks and rumors than ever before, the results can still be worthwhile in the end.


While it’s been a while since a big trailer was released, another short video has been released showing a new Pokemon for the Diglett Doppelganger lander Pokemon Wiglett. This new creature is the first in a line of Pokemon that have labeled Leaks as regional fakes. Although they look like existing Pokémon, they have evolved similar traits due to common circumstances. There will likely be more creatures that hark back to previous generations, and combined with existing regional variants, it feels that way PokemonThe past of is more relevant than ever.

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Pokemon has been offering new versions of old monsters for a while

That Pokemon Franchise has been conducting a series of experiments to make its old roster feel new again. The first came in Generation 6 with Mega Evolutions and granted a bunch of Pokemon extra forms that could theoretically be her next evolution. There was a clear bias towards Generation 1 Pokémon in this set, and this trend continued in most cases where old Pokémon were renewed. Sun and moonZ-Moves included some attacks that could only be used by certain Generation 1 and Generation 7 Pokémon. Even Super Smash Bros. uses a disproportionate number of Pokémon from the first few generations.

However, all of this pales in comparison to the other new features Gen 7 introduced. Regional variants made it possible to bring back old Pokémon with new designs, habitats, and abilities. Sometimes this included new developments, but sometimes the entire line consisted of regional versions. Updates to Generation 1 Pokémon have been common, and the list grows from game to game. Meowth even got two different variants Sun and moon and sword and Sign. Combined with sword and SignThe Gigantamax mechanic, which gives even more new forms to some older Pokemon, remains a tendency to push certain old monsters.

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Regional forges expand Pokémon’s ability to reuse species

While it hasn’t been officially codified yet, regional fakes are another way to bring back ancient Pokemon. Counting Wiglett as a regional variant similar to the hairy Alolan Diglett, the Diglett line now has three variants. It’s surprising to see a less common ancient Pokemon being treated with so much publicity, paving a new way for old designs to be repurposed. Diglett certainly isn’t unpopular, but it pales in comparison to franchise mascots like Pikachu and Eevee.

The conclusion seems to be that Game Freak expands what it means to be a mascot Pokémon. Now any reasonably popular Pokemon can be given more attention by treating it like Pikachu. From the beginning, Pikachu was given many special forms and benefits from different ones Pokemon Media, including variations like Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu. Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced his pre-evolution Pichu and received many unique gimmicks like Z-Moves and a Gigantamax form. However, it has also been made into a template for other Pokémon. Regional forms and regional fakes may extend this treatment to every Pokemon, but also justify not having to produce a new one for each successive generation.

Where Pokemon Goes with classic Pokemon variants

There seems to be a gradual effort to expand what it means to be a mascot pokemon, and the number of monsters with that tag. Pikachu went through the process first, and other monsters gradually joined him. What’s happening to creatures like Diglett and Meowth has happened to Mewtwo and Charizard before, and there are likely plans to spread this further. It’s likely that other Pokémon that already have alternate forms will get new ones Pokemon Scarlet and violet. Having multiple means of interpreting ancient species will only speed up the process, but it should result in more Pokémon species receiving attention.

The two big questions at this point are whether the consideration of many Pokémon as mascots will continue beyond the first few generations, and whether these recycled designs will fill new rosters. Pokemon As a franchise, a reputation has developed for supporting fans of the few original titles, so hopefully regional variants and regional fakes can breathe new life into less popular Pokémon. This process will likely be gradual and could even allow for larger rosters in future generations, depending on how easy it is to create a variant. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see which Pokemon take center stage scarlet and violetand what form they will take.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

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