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RECAP: Ohio State tops No. 21 Tech in Maui

LAHAINA, Hawaii – Daniel Batcho led No. 21 Texas Tech with a career-high 21 points and Kevin Obano added 19 in an 80-73 loss to Ohio State in the final game for the Red Raiders at Wednesday’s Maui Jim Maui Invitational at the Lahaina Civic Center.

Tech (4-2) went 1-2 up after losing the Maui Jim Maui Invitational and will now host Georgetown in his next game on Wednesday, November 30 at 7 p.m. at the United Supermarkets Arena. The Red Raiders stayed with the Buckeyes (5-1) throughout the game but were never able to take the lead in the second half as OSU went 18-to-18 at the free throw line to finish with eight 3-pointers.

“I give Ohio State a lot of credit,” said the Texas Tech coach Mark Adams said. “If you look at the stats, they were just a little bit better than us in every category and that’s how the game went. They’re a really good team, very difficult to defend and well trained, good players. I think you’re going to have a great year. This is another game we can learn from.”

Batcho had three strong days in Maui, ending every game with new career bests, including against OSU, where he had 21 points in 7-for-10 shooting and hit 6-of-7 at the free throw line. He added six rebounds, two assists and a steal. He had his career-high 17 points so far in Monday’s loss to No. 10 Creighton and hit a career-best 12 rebounds in Tuesday’s win over Louisville.

“I feel like we just need to be more focused,” said Batcho, who is now averaging 12.5 points and 7.3 rebounds this season. “It comes at our age because we are very young. That’s no excuse, but it’s true. I think we improved because we learned a lot from this tournament. That’s why I’m happy about it.”

Obanor would have his season-high 19 points against the Buckeyes, where he was 7-12 from the field, including 2-4 with 3 points. Obanor played for over 35 minutes, also adding in four rebounds and two steals. Jaylon Tyson and De’Vion Harmon both finished with 10 points from the starting grid while Pop Isaacs finished with eight points and a season-high five assists. Harmon led Tech with six assists, his career-high. Tech’s bench was limited to five points Elijah Fisher with three dots and KJ Allen two points.

The Red Raiders finished the game with a 50.9 percent shot, including a 5-for-18 (27.8 percent) on 3-pointers. Tech was 12 of 13 at the free throw line where OSU was 18 of 18. OSU finished the game with 51.9 percent shooting and was 8-to-20 from beyond the arc. Justice Sueing led the Buckeyes with 33 points after going 12-to-19 from the field and 8-of-8 at the line, while former West Virginia guard Sean McNeil scored 13 with two 3-pointers. Sueing also added eight rebounds and five assists.

“He’s a guy we’ve talked about a lot,” Adams said of Sueing. “He was really good.” They have so many players to focus on who could get 15, 20 points. Just a very, very explosive offense.”

Tech trailed 41-37 at halftime after fighting off a deficit of up to 13 points midway through the first half. Obanor led the Red Raiders with 11 points after hitting two 3-pointers while Batcho had 10 points to go team-high with three rebounds. Isaacs added six points and Harmon had four after making a layup at halftime buzzer to reduce the deficit to just four. Tech was firing 13-to-24 from the field and was 4-to-8 on 3-pointers after 20 minutes, while OSU was 16-to-30 from the field and 5-to-13 on 3-pointers. The Red Raiders went 7 of 8 at the free throw line at halftime but were outplayed with a 16-12 lead in the paint. It was Tech’s first halftime deficit this season. Sensabaugh and Sueing each had 10 points for the Buckeyes while McNeil had nine. Sensabaugh and McNeil both went on the break with two 3-pointers.

“I thought the biggest difference was just at times when we were under pressure, in sticky situations, we weren’t getting a blockout or a turnover or just weren’t executing like we were supposed to,” Adams said. “Their experience showed then and our inexperience made a big difference in the game.”

First half

  • Tech won the tip, scoring on his first possession with a layup by Isaacs for a 2-0 lead… Ohio State would also score on his first possession
  • Tyson hit Tech’s first 3-pointer after an assist from Harmon for a 5-2 lead
  • Batcho scored his first points of the game with a layup to make it 7-7 (15-21) after Harmon’s second assist of the game
  • McNeil hit back-to-back 3-pointers for Ohio State to take a 13-7 lead into the game’s first media timeout… He came out of the timeout and made a layup to open the Buckeye lead before a Sueing putback bringing eight went into the lead with 17:7
  • Batcho stopped the Buckeyes’ 10-0 run with his second 3-pointer of his career to take the game to 17-10 with 12-48 left by halftime… Batcho led Tech by five points in the 2-on- 4-shot in the seventh minute to the game
  • OSU increased the lead to 23-10 with a Sensabaugh 3-pointer… The Buckeyes were 4-to-7 from beyond the arc to start the game at that point, which was part of a 16-3 run
  • Harmon brought Tech back on the board with a midrange jumper to 23-12 (10:20), followed by a layup from Obanor and a 3-pointer to bring it back to nine (8:12)… The baskets were Obanor’s first two goals of the game while OSU had gone 1-for-7 during that span
  • Fisher scored his first points of the game with a layup and a free throw to convert a one and take OSU to just 28-23 (5:41).
  • Obanor hit his second 3-pointer and Tech’s fourth to level the score at 33-28 with 3:48 to halftime… Obanor had 11 points after the long 3-pointer
  • Isaacs hit a runner to cut OSU’s lead to 37-33 with 1:44 on the clock… He was 3-for-4 from the field and had six points after the shot to reduce it to four
  • Batcho hit double digits with two free throws that gave him 10 points and brought the score down to 39-35… Tech was 7-to-8 from the line after making those two while OSU was 4-of-4 on free throws
  • Harmon hit a layup at halftime to send the Red Raiders up 41-37 after going 13 down in the first half

Second half

  • Obanor scored Tech’s first basket of the second half with a second-chance layup after OSU also scored on his first possession…Tech had eight second-chance points after the basket
  • Ohio State took a 52-41 lead with a 3-pointer from Sueing for a 6-0 run
  • Batcho stopped a 0-for-6 shooting streak and a 6-0 OSU run with a layup and a free throw to go into a 52-44 deficit. Batcho had 15 points after the basket, followed by Allen, who made his first basket to cut him to six (12:11)
  • Harmon hit a hard inside shot to give him six points and reduce the game to 54-48 before OSU hit another 3-pointer at the other end to cut his lead back to nine with eleven minutes to go… He’d get another jumper hit with two possessions later to get up to eight points and make it 59-52 with 9:28 in the game
  • Batcho hit his career-high 17 points with a lob dunk after an assist from Harmon to put it 62-54 at 8:48 on the clock… He was 5-to-8 off the field after the dunk
  • Harmon followed with a jumper to put Tech 62-56 and him to 10 points before Obanor took the Red Raiders to four with an inside shot… Tech had scored 8 of 9 field goals after Obanor’s basket to go to 17 points get
  • Tyson drilled a 3-pointer from a Harmon assist to reduce the deficit to 65-61 (5:27)… It was his second 3-pointer of the game, making Tech 5-for-14 with 3-pointers
  • Tyson would follow a missed layup with a putback to make it 70-63 with 3:32 remaining… Tyson had eight points and five rebounds after the game, which reduced it to seven
  • Batcho scored 19 points and five rebounds with a putback to make it a 70-65 game with 1:58 on the clock… The 19 points set a new career high, coming with him on 6-of-9 shooting and 6- for- 7 on the line at this point in the game
  • Obanor had a dunk from an inbound play to reduce OSU’s lead to 74-69 (0:45) and take it to 19 points… After two OSU free throws, Batcho had another dunk from an assist by Isaacs…The Buckeyes led 76-71 after the Batcho dunk that put him on 21 points with 26 seconds to play

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