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Real Flintstones house made of four ROCKS with pool and bulletproof windows – World News

Casa do Penedo, also known as the House of Stone, looks like something straight out of prehistoric bedrock minus the dinosaurs, and was created from nearby boulders in the 1970s

The incredible real flint house was hewn out of several boulders in the 1970s(Alamy Stock Photo)

Move over Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, it’s time to let other humans enjoy caveman life in a house known as the Flintstones house.

Casa do Penedo, or the House of Stone, in Portugal got the nickname due to its bizarre rock look.

Built into four massive boulders, the house looks like something straight out of the town of Bedrock – sadly without the dinosaurs coexisting side-by-side with humans.

Unlike the homes Fred and his neighbor Barney Rubble enjoy, the home features bulletproof glass and doors, as well as a swimming pool carved into the rock for people to cool off in, the Mail Online reported.

There is a wind farm nearby although the house has no electricity (Alamy Stock Photo)

Located at the top of the Fafe Mountains in northern Portugal — about 80 miles from Porto — it offers incredible views to those who climb its 2,600-foot pole and has recently been turned into a museum.

Although there are some wind farms near the house, it has no electricity.

As a result, it has neither television nor telephone, but running water and a gas supply.

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