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Radio is the relaxation medium for pool, whirlpool and spa lovers. | story

Summer is used for relaxation and motivates many households to buy a swimming pool, a whirlpool or a spa. Radio completes the relaxation so many seek by splashing around in a pool or the warmth of a hot tub or spa to soothe muscles and relieve stress and anxiety.

According to Aqua magazine’s annual state-of-the-industry reports, the frenetic pace of sales in this consumer industry has slowed since 2020. Fewer leads are coming from low- to middle-income households, while project leads from wealthier clients have not changed significantly.

Analysis of data from The Media Audit’s 2021 full report for 49 markets supports this trend. Four categories of affluent households planning to install a pool, hot tub, or spa in the next 12 months were overindexed because of heavy radio exposure (greater than 180 minutes on an average day).

  • Wealthy baby boomers with household income over $250,000 and various financial assets such as stocks, savings and CDs – 118
  • Wealthy working women with household income over $75,000 – 112
  • Young adults between the ages of 18 and 34 with a household income of more than $100,000 to $105
  • Wealthy full nesters with household incomes over $75,000 and kids at home – 103

Another set of data points from The Media Audit clearly shows that radio, compared to television, is the reach medium for pool, hot tub and spa retailers and manufacturers to connect with those planning to install these products. Adults 18 years and older were overindexed at 173 for heavy radio exposure while underindexed at 78 for heavy television exposure (300+ minutes on an average day).

Radio is therefore the medium with the best reach to reach this consumer audience, but advertising dollars from retailers and builders will be more effective with a media mix. Interestingly, as a secondary medium, television is just as over-indexed as the internet and social media.

Coupling radio with TV, the other reach medium, could be a good idea. However, social media is likely to be more effective as it is the medium of choice for younger adults and more of a “relaxation medium” for pool, hot tub and spa audiences.

The next table of insights from The Media Audit’s 2021 full report for 49 markets shows that those planning to install a pool, hot tub or spa who have been heavily exposed to radio are all overindexed for the primary social media platforms.

Aqua Magazine’s annual reports also show that 70% of retailers in this industry said their business was stronger in 2021 and 49% of builders/constructors were bullish about sales in 2022. Radio is that Medium who helps them reap the rewards of their strength and optimism.

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