Pundits have criticized the Trump administration as the book reveals Melania was in the war room for a major military operation

Pundits have criticized the Trump administration after a new book revealed former first lady Melania Trump was sitting in the Situation Room during a major military operation in October 2019.

The memoirs of former Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller Soldier’s Secretary: Warnings from the Battlefield & The Pentagon around AmericaThe most dangerous enemies was released on Tuesday.

Ms Trump sat in the situation room during the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and subsequently urged the administration to encourage the participation of a dog who took part in the operation. The hill written down.

Mr. Miller was Special Assistant to the President for Counterterrorism and Transnational Threats in 2019. In his memoir, he writes that Ms. Trump has joined former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and Chairman of the US President’s Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley in the Situation Room.

“Your presence was unexpected, to say the least,” writes Mr. Miller. “I was wondering how the press would take it if it became known that the First Lady had stopped by to look at a major military operation.”

As people started exchanging predictions about what was going to happen, a graphic suggestion made Ms Trump “look up in horror”, according to Mr Miller.

The raid ended when American troops surrounded al-Baghdadi, along with an attack dog named Conan al-Baghdadi, who was holding down two of his children as he blew himself up with an explosive vest, and also killed two of his wives.

Mr Trump asked how the bodies would be taken care of out of concern that ISIS would argue the two women were innocent, after which General Milley said they would completely destroy the building, writes Mr Miller.

The then-President then asked how they were going to announce the successful operation, with Ms. Trump suggesting that he make a statement in the Diplomatic Hall the following day during the time that Sunday’s political broadcasts aired.

“You should talk about the dog,” she told Mr Trump, according to Mr Miller. “Everyone loves dogs.”

Mr Trump then called the dog “wonderful” and “talented” during the next day’s press conference, and Conan was later honored during a White House ceremony the following month.

When it later emerged that Mr. Trump had misrepresented the dog’s sex or the wrong dog had been brought into the White House, Masha Gessen wrote an article for The New Yorker justified Conan, the gendered hero dog.

“Kellyanne Conway, an aide to the President, refused to specify a gender for Conan,” Gessen noted. “Pressed by reporters on Tuesday, she said, ‘I’m not going to do that, because then you’re going to say I talked about someone’s sex or sex, so I’m not doing that.'”

Former White House Situation Room Director and Central Intelligence Agency Chief of Staff Larry Pfeiffer tweeted: “Hmmm… what would I have done if President Obama had taken Michelle to a sensitive meeting there? I do not know. I never had to think about it because it would NEVER have happened.”

Former US Attorney Joyce Vance wrote: “Melania in the situation room, top secret documents in Mar-a-Lago that Trump knew was there and refused to return. Private meetings with Putin where Trump insisted translator’s notes be destroyed. The Trump administration has been a national security nightmare.”

“In what other military operations abroad has the former first lady played a role?”vanity fair Political correspondent Bess Levin wondered in an article for the outlet.

According to Ms. Levin, Mr. Trump has “a well-known disdain for animals in general and dogs in particular.”

Since President William McKinley took office in 1897, every president has had a dog except for Mr. Trump The Washington Post.


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