Professional Pokémon trainer creates a real Pokémon gym

2016 VGC World Champion Wolfey is creating a real Pokémon Gym where players can compete against him and other VGC champions for an Acrylic Badge.

2016 VGC World Champion Wolfe Glick created the first Real-Life Pokemon gym.

On Youtube, WolfeyVGC shared a 10-minute video explaining the countless hours he put into building a facility similar to the gyms in the game Pokemon Series. The gym will even have a person at the front door to explain the process. Players can compete against other VGC competitors in the New York City location and defeat Gym Leader Wolfey to win an acrylic badge. Featured competitors include former VGC champions Aaron Traylor, Aaron Zheng and James Baek. Ultimately, Wolfey hopes to hold an event similar to the Elite Four section Pokemon games.

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Every gym in the Pokemon Franchise has a specific type that players can strategize against. In Wolfey’s Gym, the champion has a Water-type team consisting of Quaquaval, Pelipper, Barraskewda, Tatsugiri, Palafin, and Coalossal, who is actually Water-type Tera. Those outside of the venue can watch Wolfey’s fights on a big screen to prepare for their own matches. Attendees traveled not only from New York, but also from Nevada, Louisana and Maryland to attend or see the unique event.

The Pokémon champion takes everything

As of 2009, the Pokémon Video Game World Championships were initially held in eight different countries: the United States, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. As a result, the annual event grew in popularity and hosted players from all over the world. In 2022, live competitions returned after a brief absence due to COVID-19 restrictions and the competition awarded the world title to Eduardo Cunha, the second European player to accomplish the feat.

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While VGC called Pokémon sword and Sign his home for the last three years, the youngest installment of the franchise, scarlet and Violet, will probably take his place in the next tournament. Released in November 2022, Generation IX games are set in the Paldean region of the Iberian Peninsula. Scarlet/Violet smashed the sales record for Generation VIII titles in just eight weeks, which the latter took three years to achieve. Its breakthrough sales resulted in the most recent issue becoming the most pre-ordered Pokemon Game in the story of the video game series.

Despite Scarlet/Violet‘s massive sales record, Generation IX games are not without their numerous technical hiccups. On January 12th, The Pokémon Company announced that a software update, Update Version 1.2.0, would be released in late February. The upcoming patch will “contain bug fixes and add features”. However, it’s unclear if there will be performance improvements Scarlet/Violet. Regarding the added functionality, it is not specified if this means that the Generation IX games will get an integration with the storage service Pokemon HOME. Traditionally, it takes about four months Pokemon Linking titles to practical application.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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