PLN kicks off the Xtreme Long Drive® series on April 21 in Myrtle Beach

NEW YORK, NY – Pro League Networkthe leading provider of fun, inherently bettable sports for sportsbooks, expanded its growing presence in golf when it announced the addition of the Xtreme Long Drive® Series approved by the Long Drive Federation and in association with Ultimate Long DriveTM.

Pro League Network will work with Long Drive Federation to streamline esports for wagering by ensuring integrity and data before obtaining gambling association approvals and offering sports betting opportunities. PLN and the Ultimate Long Drive™677059 team will also be developing wagerable extensions to the sport that will attract new fans and increase awareness of the sport among bettors.

On April 21st, the Xtreme Long Drive® series debuts in Myrtle Beach, SC under a new team format that pits 8 professional hitters against each other in a 4v4 team double elimination event, featuring Captains and Long -Drive champions Jeff Crittenden and Kevin Porter drafted their squads. Hitters will compete for points and cash prizes throughout the season on Trackman-powered golf simulators.

Founded in 2017, Ultimate Long Drive™ is the world’s largest long drive golf organization. Ultimate Long Drive offers long drive golf competitions for all ages and abilities around the world. Ultimate Long Drive hosts more than 350 professional and amateur endurance events annually and hosts Xtreme Long Drive®, the Ultimate Long Drive™ World Championship, leagues and regional majors.

“We think long drive is the perfect sport to bet on — what’s more fun than betting money on two hitters going back and forth to see who can hit a golf ball the farthest,” said Bill Yucatonis and Mike Salvaris from the Pro League Network. “We’ve seen a lot of interest in golf betting, so expanding our presence in the sport with Ultimate Long Drive™ made a lot of sense. We really admire what Jeff has built and can’t wait to work with him to take it to the next level.”

“When I met Mike & Bill, I was so impressed with their vision of bringing betting to Xtreme Long Drive®,” said Jeff Gilder, founder of Ultimate Long Drive™. “I look forward to bringing long drive to even more fans through betting and the creative ideas the Pro League Network has for our competitions.”

PLN was launched in 2022 to offer sportsbooks fun and inherently wagerable live sports.

The Company works with its sports portfolio through exclusive, multi-year relationships that enable the commercialization of betting-related sponsorship, data and streaming opportunities. This “Watch’n’Wage” content enables sports bettors to better monetize their schedule peaks and troughs with compliant and regulated professional sports data and videos optimized for wagering. PLN also conducts marketing and promotional activities, especially to increase betting opportunities for each sport.

To ensure the integrity of gambling, PLN prepares and oversees each sport for betting, setting guidelines and data standards for athletes before seeking government approvals. The company works with a number of industry providers including US Integrity for integrity monitoring, Sports Info Solutions for data distribution and affiliate partners such as

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Via Pro League Network

Pro League Network ( is a sports betting company focused on providing sports bettors with exclusive, fun and inherently wagerable sports and helping them fill under-optimized segments of the sports betting calendar. PLN prepares and monitors each sport for betting and produces, distributes and monetizes each sport through betting, sponsorship and affiliate. PLN has acquired the exclusive rights to several professional sports with a current reach in more than 100 countries and tens of millions of impressions per week.

About Ultimate Long Drive

Ultimate Long Drive™ (ULD) ( is the world’s largest long drive golf organization in terms of membership/participants and annual events. ULD offers long drive golf competitions for all ages and abilities around the world. Ultimate Long Drive™, Inc and its licensees host hundreds of long drive events annually in leagues, regional majors and its world championship.

About the Long Drive Federation

The Long Drive Federation (LDF) ( was formed in 2016 to improve, promote and promote long drive competitions around the world in accordance with Olympic principles. The LDF is the controlling authority of Ultimate Long Drive™, Inc and other Long Drive Sport operators around the world. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered as a sports federation under the laws of the United States.


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