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Prince William news: Netflix is ​​looking for the ‘right 15-year-old boy’ to play Duke | Royal | news

Harry doesn’t want to be in The Crown, says Myers

The US streaming giant announced in late 2020 that it was ending The Crown in its sixth year. As fans of the show prepare to watch season five, due out in November, casting director Robert Sterne searches for the perfect actor to portray young Prince William in the final season of The Crown.

The job posting for the role calls for an “extraordinary young actor” ready to hit the set as early as next month.

It read: “The Netflix series THE CROWN is seeking an exceptional young actor to play PRINCE WILLIAM in the next series.

“This is a significant role in this award-winning drama and we are looking for a strong physical resemblance.

“Shooting will begin in early September 2022.

“No professional acting experience is required.

Prince William posed at Eton College as a teenager

Netflix is ​​looking for a young actor to play Prince William in the final season of The Crown. (Image: GETTY)

Prince William hugs Prince Charles

Prince William, in his 20s, on a ski trip with Prince Charles (Image: GETTY)

“We are very experienced in providing great support to the young actors and their families through a creative process that is uniquely rewarding for them.”

The Casting Talent website states that a shortlist is being drawn up and urges people interested in the role to apply as soon as possible.

Kate Bone, casting associate for The Crown, had already placed a casting call for the role on Twitter in March.

Her casting announcement said filming would begin in August and also included a call for a Prince Harry lookalike.

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A billboard promoting The Crown

The fifth season of The Crown will be released in November (Image: GETTY)

The announcement featured images of the royal brothers in their early 20s and hinted that season six of The Crown would focus on the lives of the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge during their young adult years.

In late July, she took to Twitter again with a new message, this time focusing only on Prince William, stating The Crown was looking for a 15-year-old Prince William look-alike and applications should be sent by August 5.

The casting staffer added to her followers: “Can you help spread the word??? A great opportunity for the right 15-year-old boy…”

While the long wait to find an actor to play Prince William has led some to speculate about casting issues, Netflix said it’s not having difficulties.

A spokesman told the Daily Mail: “The casting team is very experienced.


Prince William wears a robe on his graduation day

Prince William on the day of his graduation from St Andrews University (Image: GETTY)

Princess Diana sits on a step with William and Harry in front of her

Prince William and Prince Harry will star in The Crown season 6 (Image: GETTY)

“The actors may not be needed on set for months, and casting generally takes longer with younger actors.”

The actor, who plays the young Prince William, will be re-enacting the Duke of Cambridge’s first meeting with Kate Middleton, as The Crown previously announced they were casting an actress in her early 20s to play the Duchess.

The last series of the crown also pointed out that Harry and William are coping with Princess Diana’s absence from their lives.

Dominic West, who will play Prince Charles in the show’s final two seasons, told Deadline in June that The Crown’s final year will be “as turbulent as it gets” as it will be about the death of Diana.

A graphic showing who the working royals are

The working royals of the royal family (Image: EXPRESS)

While there are no official statements as to what point in modern royal history the show will end at, The Sun reported that The Crown showrunner Peter Morgan will end the sixth series with Prince Charles and Camilla’s wedding in April want to end in 2005.

The original plan, the newspaper added, was for the story to end in 2002, when Her Majesty would celebrate the Golden Jubilee shortly after the deaths of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

What seems set in stone is that the show will not portray Meghan and Prince Harry’s on-screen romance, nor their falling out with the royal family.

More details are known about season five, which will see new actors playing the royals as the show progresses in time.

Elizabeth Debicki will take on the role of Princess Diana and will bring to the screen the Princess of Wales’ infamous panoramic interview with Martin Bashir.

Prince William and Kate smile at each other

The Crown will likely feature Kate and Prince William’s first meeting (Image: GETTY)

Imelda Staunton replaces Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II.

The Duke of Sussex is the only member of the royal family to have spoken publicly about the show, telling James Corden in February last year: “It’s fictional. But it’s loosely based on the truth. Of course it’s not entirely accurate.”

After saying The Crown gave a “rough idea” of the pressures senior royals face, he added: “I feel a lot more comfortable with The Crown than I do when I see stories that are about my family or my wife were written.

“That [The Crown] is obviously fiction, take it as you will.

“But that’s reported as fact because you’re supposedly new. I have a real problem with that.”

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