PRG eSports teams perform well in the Schools’ League

From left: Sebastian Theron, Matthew Smith, James Ndimba (old boy 2022), Francois Groenewald, Alex Pillay. Photo:

Comic Con 2022 winner Paul Roos High School will be traveling to Comic Con Cape Town 2023 later this month and is aiming to win the title again.

In the spirit of growth, Paul Roos’ eSports teams have been honing their skills over the past few weeks by competing in the Telkom VS Gaming High School eSports League and the African Cyber ​​Gaming Schools League.

PRG A-Team beat Voortrekker High School and Helpmekaar High School in Rocket League during High School eSport League, while PRG B-Team challenged themselves by facing Hudson Park A-Team and with 2-3 lost. In the spirit of self-improvement, the PRG C-Team also feuded with the Westville Boys’ High A-Team, losing 2-3.

Paul Roos eSports teams also participate in the African Cyber ​​Gaming Schools League where they compete with games like Fortnite and Fifa 23.

At Fortnite, Paul Roos was ranked from 55 teams. In Round 1, the PRG B team won with 35 points, the C team placed 5th while the A team placed 6th. In Round 2, Team PRG E won by 30 points, Team B took 2nd place, and Team A took 5th place.

At Fifa ’23, PRG’s Francois Groenewald beat players from Parklands, while Alex Pillay beat players from Wesvalia, Parklands and Monument Park. Paul Roos eSports learners Sebastian Decon and Francois Groenewald both took part in the Maties Showdown where Sebastian placed 6th while Francois placed 10th.

Other notable achievements include victories for PRG’s A and B teams playing League of Legends against Jeppe Boys’ High (1-0) and Voortrekker High School (1-0). The PRG A-Team won Glen High 10-6 against Valorant while losing to Gray High 3-13. Paul Roos looks forward to continuing exciting games against the other high school gaming teams.


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