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Police identify a gunman killed in a shooting in Herriman

HERRIMAN, Utah (ABC4) – Police have identified the gunman who was shot dead after firing his rifle at SWAT members and armored vehicles in Herriman on Sunday November 20.

Alma Worthington, 38, was an active duty member of the Utah Army National Guard.

At around 3:45 p.m., the Herriman Police Department responded to Worthington’s 911 call, in which he said he was armed and thinking about harming himself at his home near the 13000 block of South Keegan Drive.

“He’s a war veteran,” said Cody Stromberg, deputy head of the HPD. “He clearly suffers from PTSD and some mental health issues.”

He threatened to shoot anyone who entered the residence, the press release said. The officers contacted his family members and tried to help him over the phone. During the talks, Worthington fired shots from his semi-automatic rifle in front of his home toward neighboring apartment buildings.

By then, the South Valley SWAT team and patrol officers from Herriman, Riverton and South Jordan had surrounded the residence.

A “shelter-in-place” order was initiated by a reverse 911 call for nearby homes. Police had also activated the Salt Lake County Emergency Management Integrated Public Alert and Alert System to reach a larger portion of the neighborhood.

Negotiations continued for the next few hours. HPD noted in the press release that members of the National Guard offered their support in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Worthington fired “several rounds” at his home as officers tried to convince him to surrender peacefully. Police said it was “very clear” to them that he would force officers to kill him.

The Unified Police Department SWAT team arrived at the scene to evacuate neighbors. Worthington fired several shots at the armored vehicles upon noticing the tactical units. He continued firing his rifle as he went through his back door, and SWAT members returned fire at that point.

He was pronounced dead at the scene

According to the press release, an independent agency will conduct an investigation into this deadly officer. The officials involved have been placed on administrative leave in line with standard practice.

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