Pokemon’s Sprigatito becomes the unknowing mascot of the colossal no-fly-list leak of the “anarchist kitty.”

A Swiss hacktivist and self-proclaimed “anarchist kitten” managed to get his hands on America’s no-fly list – which contains the identities of known or suspected terrorists – not by breaching an impenetrable defense, but allegedly because a regional airline fooled them around on an unprotected server let . That’s the serious part of the news, but what people are talking about is how Anime is the site hosting the leak and that the new Pokemon on the block, Sprigatito, has apparently become the mascot of all of this.

Maia Arson Crimew explains on a fabulously pink blog (opens in new tab) with a meowing sound pack the hack started out of relative boredom. She searched exposed servers and wasn’t expecting to find much before stumbling upon an exposed server owned by CommuteAir that contained an old no-fly list with over 1.5 million entries (but which includes multiple aliases, so the number of individual persons is far below.


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