Pokemon Unite Hero Item Ranking for May 2023

When designing a build in Pokemon Unite, Hero Items can be some of the most important components to help your chosen Pocket Monster succeed. These items usually not only improve a Pokemon’s stats, but also provide useful in-game effects ranging from shields to increased attack damage and more.

The best held items can vary based on your preferred playstyle, but there are some items that are universally considered excellent choices. As such, you should prioritize acquiring and upgrading these items before moving on to other options.

Preliminary ranking for each held item in Pokemon Unite

S level

If Pokemon Unite fans are looking for the top options in the current meta, they can look to the S tier. By all accounts, you’ll see these Hero Items used in a wide range of the top meta builds for nearly every Unite license.

Simply picking three S-Tier Hero Items doesn’t always guarantee success, but tactically including these items in a Pokemon’s build should result in overall improved performance as long as you’re playing your Unite License correctly and filling the appropriate team role.

S tier items in Pokemon Unite

  • buddy barrier – Grants a shield to the teammate with the lowest HP when using a unite move, increasing team survivability.
  • focus band – A must-have for sustain-based all-rounders as it restores HP over time when the user hits critical HP levels.
  • scope – The be-all and end-all of crit-hit builds, scales with the user’s attack damage and is absolutely essential for securing kills with high-crit attackers.
  • policy of weakness – Ideal for brawlers and off-tanks, it increases the user’s damage in proportion to the amount of damage received.
  • muscle band – Normal attacks deal additional damage based on a percentage of the target’s health. It is ideal for attackers who mainly operate from their high attack speed.
  • Smooth Spoon – Ideal for attackers using special attack-based moves, allows the user to ignore a percentage of the target’s special defense. It’s also great for getting around the defenses of all-rounders and defenders alike.
  • point sign – Grants the holder a shield during scoring and prevents the scoring process from being interrupted, ensuring scoring opportunities are taken when they are available.

A level

A-tier items aren’t considered the best of the best, but they’re still great to have and use in many builds. These carried items are still great for general use, even if they fall short of the abilities of the S tier items.

You should definitely take these into account if you have them for most builds, and they also work particularly well with S-Tier items.

Level A items in Pokemon Unite

  • way glasses – Provides a percentage increase in special attack damage, making it an excellent choice for attackers with special attacks, especially ranged nukes.
  • selection specifications – Increases the minimum damage of moves when they land. These specs scale with Special Attack, making them perfect in many of the same builds that use Wise Glasses.
  • storm vest – Provides a shield against special attacks when the wearer is out of combat. Especially helpful for defenders when dealing with certain attackers.
  • Floating Stone – Improves movement speed when the wearer is not in combat. It is a spectacular hero for Pokemon Unite speedsters.
  • razor blade – After a move is performed, the damage floor of the next normal attack is increased. It scales with Attack stat and slows down opponents if the wielder is a melee Pokémon. It’s a great option in Pokemon Unite for physical junglers, thugs, and attackers.
  • energy booster – After using a unit move, the wearer’s damage is increased by a percentage. This can be used for a variety of different licenses in Pokemon Unite and should serve well in team fights.
  • Rapid Fire Scarf – After three consecutive basic attacks, the wearer’s attack speed is increased by a percentage. This should be heavily considered for attackers who benefit from quick hits.

B class

They might not be the best hero items in Pokemon Unite, but B-Tier items are still worth considering in certain builds. They may only offer their benefits in a situational context, or may not pair well with better meta picks, but these choices should not be dismissed entirely. B-tier options still have use cases, and they can get the job done well when paired with specific Unite licenses.

B Tier items in Pokemon Unite

  • adult share – Gives experience over time to the holder with the least XP in a team. Also, nearby teammates who defeat wild Pokémon will gain a bit of extra experience. It’s a solid pick for some of the Pokemon Unite backers.
  • Sp. Atk Specifications – Increases the owner’s special attack value when scoring a goal. It can be great for some attackers, but how often the user scores depends on the situation.
  • attack weight – Similar to Sp. Atk Specs, Attack Weight increases the wearer’s Attack stat after scoring a goal. Again, its value depends on how many times the owner actually scores in a given Pokemon Unite battle.
  • shell bell – Recovers HP when movement hits an enemy. It scales off of Special Attack and can be useful for Special Attack-based defenders and certain supports.
  • rescue hood – If the owner grants a healing or shield to a teammate, the effect is increased by a percentage. It’s a great choice for protective supports, but otherwise it won’t matter much.

C level

For one reason or another, these held items just aren’t quite up to par right now. This can certainly change as Pokemon Unite continues to update and evolve, but these items are best left alone unless trainers are essentially forced to use them to fill an empty held item slot. The benefits don’t amount to much, or the effects may trigger circumstances that are too niche to be consistently useful in Unite Battles.

C Tier Items in Pokemon Unite

  • drain the crown – When the owner deals damage with attack stat based attacks, he gets HP recovery based on a percentage of that damage. It might work with some attack stat builds for attackers and all-rounders, but there are better survivability options.
  • Rock helmet – When a certain amount of damage is dealt to the owner, the attacker receives damage as a percentage of their HP. Unfortunately, outside of some niche builds, the damage reflected on targets isn’t enough to make a big difference.
  • Aeos cookie – When a holder scores a goal, they get a max HP boost of a flat total score. Unfortunately, this item would be better served with a percentage increase and still requires the user to score first.
  • leftovers – There’s a reason Pokemon Unite players get this item at the start. The move simply heals the owner for a small percentage when out of combat. Considering that supports can heal allies, or a Pokemon can simply return to base or eat a berry to heal, leftovers from builds should be left out.

It should be noted that while C-Tier items are far from perfect, Pokemon Unite trainers can use them on very rare occasions. However, you have to know what you are doing. Otherwise, these items can hurt a Pokemon’s performance more than they help.

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