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Since the first Game Boy games, Pokémon has had one Very complex combat system. So all the games of the main series have a lot in common to understand and comprehend the combat what kind of pokemon should you use in every situation. The players have to learn all this strengths and weaknesses to form the strongest Pokémon team after the rivals before it. In this guide you have the Pokémon type table This is a good idea when dealing with trainers, wild, and legendary Pokemon from any game.

First we should talk about them 18 main types of Pokémon, elemental traits that determine their attacks and movements. some Pokemon can have several types, allowing the player to choose how to use all of their options in combat. In most games, this system works the same, but you can see a special guide to figure it out which Pokemon to choose against each type in Pokemon GO, the most popular augmented reality game. However, the next Pokémon type table works for all games and so find the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Pokemon Type Chart: Strengths and Weaknesses

Here they are collected Strengths and weaknesses of the 18 types of Pokémon that exist: Steel, Water, Bug, Dragon, Electric, Ghost, Fire, Fairy, Ice, Fighting, Normal, Grass, Psychic, Rock, Dark, Ground and Flying. Currently it is possible to find Super effective and normal attacks that will do different damage, so there are Pokemon that are stronger or weaker on some moves the best skills.TypeEffective againstVery weak againstNormal damage againstVulnerable toImmune toSteelFairy, Ice, Stone.Steel, Water, Electric, Fire.Steel, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Normal, Grass, Psychic, Stone, Poison, Flying.Fire, Fighting, Ground. Poison.WaterFire, Rock, Earth.Water, Dragon, Grass.Steel, Water, Fire, Ice.Electric, Grass.None.BugGrass, Psychic, Dark.Steel, Ghost, Fire, Fairy, Fighting, Flying, Poison.Fighting, Grass, Earth.Fire, Rock, Flying.None.DragonDragon.Steel, Fairy.Water, Fire, Electric, Grass.Dragon, Fairy, Ice.None.ElectricWater, Flying.Dragon, Electric, Grass, Earth.Steel, Electric, Flying.Ground.None.GhostGhost, Flying.Normal, Dark.Bug, Fighting, Normal, Dark.Ghost, Dark.Fighting, Normal.FireSteel, Bug, Ice, Grass.Water, Dragon, Fire, Rock.Steel, Bug, Fire, Ice, Grass.Water, Rock, Earth.None.FairyDragon, Fighting, Dark.Steel, Fire, Poison.Bug, Drache, Fighting, Dark.Steel, Dark.Dragon.IceDragon , Gras, Ground, Flying.Steel, Water Fire Ice Ice Steel Fire Fighting Rock None Fighting Normal Bug Ghost Fairy Psychic Poison Flying Bug Dark Flying Fairy Psychic Flying Ghost NormalNone Steel Ghost, Rock.Ghost.Fighting.Ghost.GrassWater, Rock, Ground.Steel, Bug, Dragon, Fire, Grass, Poison, Flyin g.Water,Electric,Grass,Ground.Bug,Fire,Ice,Poison,Flying.None.PsychicFighting,Poison.Steel,Psychic,Dark.Fighting,Psychic.Bug,Ghost,Dark.Dark.RockBug,Fire,Ice, Flying Steel Fighting Ground Fire Normal Poison Flying Steel Water Fighting Grass Ground None Dark Ghost Psychic Fee Fighting Dark Ghost Psychic Dark Bug Fairy Fighting. None.GroundSteel, Electric, Fire, Rock, Poison.Bug , Grass, Flying.Electric, Rock, Poison.Water, Ice, Grass.Electric.PoisonFairy, Grass.Steel, Ghost, Rock, Ground, Poison.Fairy, Grass, Poison.Psychic, Ground.None.FlyingBug , Fighting, Grass.Steel, Electric, Rock.Fighting, Grass, Ground.Electric, Ice, Rock.Ground.

The Strengths and Weaknesses Chart of Pokémon works for all games in the saga. But keep in mind that there can be Pokemon that are combine several types and this will be reflected directly in combat. Analyze this table Choose your best Pokemon anytime and get the win more easily. In addition to elementary types, consider factors such as the Pokemon weather and how to use it to your advantage in the battles.

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