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One of the most important franchises in the video game and entertainment industry in general is Pokémon, which never ceases to amaze with various projects related to its characters. On this occasion, it has just been announced that an interesting exhibition will open in Japan.

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As you surely know, The Pokémon Company is maintained with various collaborations that fans enjoy at all times. However, we rarely see something that inspires all art lovers.

This is an example of what will be on display at the eventThis is an example of what will be on display at the event

That’s why Think with Pokemon: Art & Environment Education, an exhibition organized by Tama Art University of Japan, will be held soon.

According to the shared information, the crafting event will focus on the theme of “learning through Pokémon, the sensitivity and creativity that fosters education in arts and the environment.”

A curious version of the PokeballsA curious version of the Pokeballs

Also on display will be work by students from Japan University’s Studio 3, who specialize in product design, and will recreate some of the Pokémon and objects from the saga using various recycled materials.

It is worth noting that the theme the exhibition will focus on will be Pokemon Upcycle Sculpture or Pokémon Recycling Sculpture and will present more than 20 sculptures inspired by the popular franchise, including characters such as Pikachu, Charizard, Ho- Oh and Shinx.

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The event kicks off on March 26th in a showroom at Midtown Shopping Mall in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, Japan and will last until April 8th, giving all Pokémon fans a great chance to visit if you’re in the Capital are of Asian country.

What do you think of this exhibition? Tell us in the comments.

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