Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Weirdest Gen 9 Pokédex Entries

read entries Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Pokédex can be an insightful experience with the small details they give about a Pokémon’s personality or traits, but these can also provide strange lore. Throughout the history of Pokemon, listed some weird or downright terrifying Pokédex entries, such as the discovery that Banette was a stuffed animal that was discarded and is looking for its owner so it can get revenge. The latest Gen 9 games continue the tradition of including some oddly entertaining Pokédex lore.


scarlet fever and Violet introduced the world to Gen 9 Pokemon with pocket monsters native to the Paldea region. The delightful starters of Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly led the way with cheerful descriptions of fluffy fur that’s a bit like grass that rests on warm rocks and swims in swift waters. However, as other Gen 9 Pokémon were discovered, things got a little stranger in some of those Pokédex entries.

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Scarlet and Violet’s new Pokemon are just as weird as previous generations

Pokemon Violet's Pokedex window screen

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continued the tradition of including brief descriptions in the Pokédex for new Gen 9 Pokémon that included some facts about the creatures that are unique, to say the least. Whichever Pokémon professors write these descriptions, they’re clearly trying to highlight the most unusual trait they can think of to describe a little bit about each one. some inside Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Pokédex, like Charcadet’s entry of “Burnt Charcoal came to life and became a Pokémon‘, are very straightforward, but can confuse trainers a bit.

Fidough and Dachshund are Pokémon bread fairies

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Evolve Fidough into Dachshund

Fidough and its evolved form Badgerbun are new Fairy-type Pokémon in Gen 9. These pups bring new meaning to people who say a cute animal looks “yummy.” Fidough’s Pokédex entry in Pokemon Violet states that its breath contains yeast, which makes it good for cooking, and that’s why people protected the savory fidough for years. While cute at first glance, it essentially means people are eating bread made from a Pokémon’s saliva, which is definitely some of the strangest lore to date.

Apparently, once fidough evolved into badger bun, they were cooked so the dough became bread. Accordingly Pokemon Violet‘s entry for badger bun, “The surface of this Pokémon’s skin hardens when exposed to intense heat, and its body emits an appetizing aroma“. That makes the idea of ​​feeding badger bun a sandwich Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Picnic seem cruel.

Pokémon Scarlet Lore reveals that Naclstack’s attack is truly terrible

Naclstacks Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Some Pokemon‘s Pokédex entries describe a little bit of how a creature attacks its enemies or prey, and that’s the case with Naclstack. Accordingly Pokemon scarletbackstack”dry heals its prey by spraying salt over them. The healing process steals the water in the prey’s body“. This sounds like an extremely painful and slow death process, and trainers would do well to make sure they have some extra water on hand.

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Bellibolt’s eyeballs aren’t eyeballs according to Pokémon Violet

Bellibolt stands in a meadow with a lake behind it in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

At first glance, Bellibolt is actually a cute little Generation 9 Pokémon that looks almost like a colorful toy or an inflatable balloon creature. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as what appear to be his eyeballs is actually the source of the ejection of electricity being generated in his belly button. The mental image this creates sounds more like something that should be in a horror movie than it is in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Bramblin is a terrifying way to spend the afterlife in Pokémon Scarlet

Bramblin Pokedex cover art with Bramblin on the side and writing in a foreign language

Poor Bramblin in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet appears to be just some sort of tumbleweed brought to life. Surprisingly, according to the entry in Scarlet fever‘s Pokédex, the actual lore is even sadder. Bramblin is”a soul that couldn’t go to the afterlife that was blown around by the wind until it got tangled up with dried grass and became a Pokémon“. As if being a ghost that’s trapped and can’t move on wasn’t bad enough, becoming a bunch of weeds for eternity just feels depressing.

Pokémon Violet says Capsakid fangs are good for cooking

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Capsakid Pokédex entry book added after catching

If the entry seemed odd to Fidough about people baking bread with yeast from his breath, Capsakid might be even worse. Accordingly Pokemon Violet‘s Pokédex, “Traditional Paldean dishes can be extremely spicy because, among other things, they include Capsakid’s shed front teeth.” Hopefully Paldea’s tooth fairy will pay Capsakid well because apparently according to in-game lore his teeth are a delicacy. Trainers find and capture Capsakid Pokemon You should consider wiggling the tooth to see if it’s loose.

Rellor’s beloved mudball in Pokémon Scarlet

Rellor Pokemon S and V

Simple in appearance, Rellor has an odd little flaw Pokemon scarlet‘s Pokédex entry also makes you think about your priorities. This bug-type Pokémon not only spends its time creating a ball of mud by mixing sand and earth with psychic energy, but “it values ​​its mud ball more than its own life.“Oddly, that means it’ll probably sacrifice itself for the sake of its mudball.

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Varoom’s birth in Pokémon Scarlet is in question

Varoom floats in a desert in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The little engine that could, Varoom is a Steel and Poison-type Pokemon. Based on the entry in Pokemon scarlet‘s Pokédex, “It is said that this Pokemon was born when an unknown Poison Pokemon entered and inspired an engine left in a scrap processing factory.” This not only begs the question of what Poisonous Pokemon would breathe life into a single-cylinder engine, but How​​​​​​?

The new Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce additional Pokémon for Gen 9, with most likely even more intriguing and probably weirder Pokédex entries to go along with them. While these descriptions are certainly informative, there are times when trainers might have preferred their cute Pokémon better before knowing some of the lore details. However, one thing is certain: Pokemon can be very strange and even scary when researched.

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Source: Official Pokémon Pokédex, Digipoke Draw/YouTube


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