Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Paradox Pokemon Origin doesn’t make sense

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Paradox Pokémon have more to offer than meets the eye, as the explanation given for their presence makes no sense.

Paradoxical Pokémon are a strange new breed of Pokémon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but its history leaves a lot to be desired. Similar to the Terastalization, they are unique to the Paldea region. On closer inspection, however, the presented origins of these Pokémon do not stand up to close scrutiny.

When the player ventures in the climax of Area Zero Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they discover many specimens of Paradox Pokémon. Appearing as either prehistoric or futuristic versions of existing Pokémon, depending on the version of the game, Paradoxical Pokémon are fearsome creatures that pose an imminent danger to all. It eventually turns out that their presence is the work of one of them Pokemon‘s newest professors, Sada or Turo, who built a time machine to bring these Pokémon from their own time to the present, giving rise to the name “Paradox”.


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Scarlet & Violet’s journey through time is a true paradox

The AI ​​Professor Sada in Pokémon Scarlet holds up a Master Ball to start the game's penultimate confrontation in Area Zero.

The problem with claiming that Paradox Pokémon are the result of the Professor’s time machine is that it just can’t be true. In a very real paradox, they were discovered as early as 200 years ago by the Area Zero Expedition, as recorded by Heath in the Scarlet or Violet Book. If Sada or Turo were really responsible for the Paradox Pokémon, then how could they be found long before the time machine was built? Though this isn’t the first time time travel has been attempted Pokemon posed a paradox, it is obvious that this contradiction was intentional, as Arven comments on the confusing in-game situation.

Paradoxical Pokémon may not be time travelers at all

Arven comments on the inconsistencies of the origins of Paradox Pokémon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

With it being clear that the name “Paradox” means more than just a time-traveling Pokémon, some have begun to theorize alternative explanations for the strange Pokémon. One intriguing theory put forward by fans like Reddit user Player_15 is that Area Zero has the power to bring to life the imaginations of those who enter it. Heath’s report was read by the professor, who then dreamed of building a time machine to see the Paradox Pokémon for himself. As a result, instead of an actual time machine, the various Paradox Pokémon are shown throughout Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could actually be produced by the professor imagining what such Pokemon might look like.

This would perfectly explain the contradiction in the origins of the Paradox Pokémon, turning it into a simple chain of cause and effect. And with a mysterious Legendary Pokemon hinted at in the Professor’s notes on Terastalization, this could be the entity responsible. Of course, there are also alternative explanations; Time travel might still be at work Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, if that Legendary is able to or the time machine is reactivated. Paradox Pokémon could thus be sent from the present to the time of the Area Zero Expedition. In any case, the truth could be revealed in the DLC along with the addition of new Paradox Pokémon.

Whatever their true origins, it’s clear that there’s more to Paradox Pokémon than meets the eye. As terrifying as they are, the fact remains that their alleged origins in time travel clearly make no sense, as Heath’s account inherently contradicts the work he inspired for Sada and Turo centuries later. This, in turn, suggests that Area Zero may uncover even more mysteries for players in the future, discoveries that will resolve the true paradox behind the Paradox Pokémon. Although officially unconfirmed, this provides evidence for the idea that there are future DLC plans for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player to enjoy.

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Source: Player_15/Reddit


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