Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to get Pikachu

Like all its predecessors, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also features the mascot of the Pokemon franchise, Pikachu. In addition, it goes so far as to include it as a special but secret gift.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can get your hands on Pikachu in a variety of ways with different levels, moves, and gimmicks. And each of these paths requires a different investment of time and planning. Some of them are more suited to the end game, while others are similar to cheats that will allow you to have your favorite mon as early as possible.

Pichu evolves into Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
The easiest way to acquire a Pikachu, Evolution. [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

Catch a Pichu

Pokedex entry of Pichu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
According to the Pokedex, Pichu spawns in all shaded regions. [Image Captured by us]

This is still the most foolproof way to get a Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can’t go wrong with the tried and tested method of simple evolution you’ve been accustomed to since the first generation of the Pokemon franchise. All you have to do is catch a Pichu and evolve it into a Pikachu to complete your goal.

The Pokedex lists Pichu as rare, so you might need to do a little research to find one. But sooner or later you are bound to come across one. You can find them in the Los Platos area. They’re more likely to hang around trees, so keep an eye out for them. Make sure to catch the cute little creatures when you finally do as they are a bit elusive.

Now that you’ve managed to catch a Pichu, it’s only half of the Pikachu puzzle. You have yet to develop the critter into the electricity-loving Pokemon mascot. In order to evolve a Pichu into Pikachu, you must be as friendly to it as possible. Try increasing yours Friendship with the Pichu through the different methods available to develop it.

increasing friendship

This is what you should equip the Pichu with calm bell. Don’t forget to wash yours Pichu now and then for the increase of friendship. Also, try to use it more in Pokemon battles. Lastly, use your friendship-boosting foods on your Pichu. You can get a rough idea of ​​your friendship value from this Friendship Check in the middle of the city. In due course, your friendship will reach the required threshold and your pichu will begin to evolve. And voila! You got yourself a Pikachu.

Additionally, there is a way to skip the whole friendship loop and go straight to evolution as well. But we advise against it. It’s about going to Porto Marinda and bidding Kelpsy berries at inflated prices. By feeding him seventeen of these berries, your Pichu will gain the required amount of friendship to evolve. But you’ll ruin your Pichu’s and future Pikachu’s eventual Attack stat in the meantime if you go down this route.

By catching a Pikachu yourself

Pokedex entry of Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
The Pokedex lists all regions where Pikachu spawns. [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]

You should do this in case you’re not willing to go to the trouble of catching a Pichu and raising it while showering it with friendship. Instead, you can try to catch a Pikachu yourself that has already gone through the arduous process of evolution on its own.

However, this might be a bit more difficult early in the game, as most of the regions where Pikachu is more likely to spawn will disappear a bit later during normal gameplay. That’s why we still recommend catching a Pichu if you’re still in the starting areas, just in case.

Just like Pichu, you can also find Pikachu in the Los Plato area although they are not as common as their little brothers as the area aptly named Los Platos lives up to its name and is very rocky. So it will be much easier for you to catch the mon if you can climb. Despite this, you can still reach the area by jumping across the gap instead.

As the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex notes, Pikachu is more likely to be found near trees. We recommend that you look for them near all the trees in the area. Hopefully, with enough luck and patience, everyone’s (or at least GameFreak’s) favorite Electric-type Pokémon will pull through and become a part of your Pokemon collection.

Mysterious Gift

The Mystery Gift Screen
This is where you can claim the Flying Tera-type Pikachu gift. [Image credit: eXputer]

Mystery Gift is not only the easiest way to get a Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but also the earliest possible way to do it. This is valid at least until Tuesday 28 February 2022. So hurry up because after this date you will no longer be able to redeem the gift.

First you have to find one Pokémon Center to unlock the Mystery Gift feature. And you need to play the game for about an hour and a half to get your first Pokemon Center. After reaching the center, you will find that a new Poke Portal Option is now available in the main menu. Select them and choose Mysterious Gift from there.

Keep in mind that you need an active internet connection for this to work. Now select the gift over the internet option and request your gift. If you follow all of the previous instructions perfectly by February 28, 2022, you should get a special Pikachu.

Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have this misconception that the game expects you to preorder to claim that Mysterious Gift. But rest assured, that is not the case. In fact, you don’t need anything other than the internet connection mentioned above to redeem the gift. The Mystery Gift doesn’t even require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Tera, flying Pikachu

A Terra Flying Pikachu is featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
This is the special Tera Flying Pikachu that you can only get through the Mystery Gift. [Image by eXputer]

The Pikachu you just received from the gift wasn’t an ordinary Pikachu, but a species unique to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This Pikachu is a Tera-type flying Pikachu. Essentially, this means that the Pikachu has access to the Fly move, which as we all know isn’t normally accessible to that particular Mon. Pikachus don’t usually fly, but these do terastalization On this one grants him the ability to scale the high heavens.

Shiny Pikachu

If you are one of those gamers looking for this 1 in 4096. Chance of landing a shiny and a shiny Pikachu at it, we’ve got your back. Pikachus already spawn infrequently, and the chances of them spawning as Shiny are even lower. But you can still increase your chances of winning the shiny lottery by doing a few things. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can actually spot a Pikachu’s shiny patterns in the wild before you even engage with them. But you have to have a keen eye to see that.

Just like the previous five generations of Pokémon, the easiest and surest way to increase your chances is to use the Shiny Charm. But that’s approaching endgame territory, as you’ll need to complete the entire Paldea Pokedex to get the Shiny Charm as a gift. Shiny Charm alone increases the likelihood of encountering a Shiny To 1 in 1365.67.

In addition, you can improve the Shiny Odds even further with other methods. That shiny charm, along with Masuda methodthe mass outbreaks, and the sparkling power combined, you increase the odds even further to a final value of each 1 in 512.4 Pikachu’s spawned creature Glittering. All of those Prices also include the farmed Pikachus you get from Eggs.


We can now take a look at the Gen 9 roster now that we’ve gotten past the horrible flawedness of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Or maybe GameFreak forced players to carry on as usual by keeping quiet about the whole issue. And what better Pokemon to focus on than the thundering flagship of the Pokemon series, Pikachu.

Pikachu has been an important part of the Pokémon franchise since Generation 1. Especially after the anime’s success, Ash’s starter Pokémon became the favorite of Pokémon fans. GameFreak saw the opportunity and made the precious little yellow fluff ball even cuter by giving it the iconic slogan “Pika Pika”.

This concludes our guide on how to catch Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We’ve gone through all the ways to get Pikachu. This ranges from things you can get at the very beginning to things after the endgame. We learned how to catch a Pichu and evolve it into a Pikachu. Also, we also talked about how to catch a Pikachu yourself. In addition to that, we also discussed the Tera Flying Pikachu that you can claim from the Mystery Gift. Last but not least, we also talked about improving the chances of Shiny Pikachus. Let us know if you managed to catch a Pikachu in the comments below.

If you’re still having trouble understanding Tera Pokemon, please read our Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Terastalize [Explained] to lead. In case you want to change your Pokemon’s Tera type, check out our guide on how to change Pokemon’s Tera type to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If you want to redeem more mystery gifts, check out our Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Mystery Gift Codes guide.

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