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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players may not be able to breed Herba Mystica from the Blissey Tera Raid event, but the insane number of rewards are well worth the effort required.

Initially, the news that Blissey would be starring in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Tera Raid event alongside Decidueye caused excitement among players. However, it was later revealed that Blissey would have Herba Mystica removed from his loot pool during the event.

Five and six star Blissey Raids are known to have the highest chance of dropping an abundance of Herba Mystica, which are extremely difficult to farm. Players saw this raid event as their opportunity to simply farm Herbas, but that dream was quickly dashed.

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However, Trainers were pleasantly surprised when the Tera Raid event kicked off, and they saw the ridiculous number of high-quality rewards they could earn.

Blissey Tera Raids offer insane amounts of rewards

Typically, when a player defeats a Tera Raid, they receive a handful of mediocre rewards and one or two good ones. But even the “good” rewards can feel draining when it’s a cap or an ability pod.

But as shown by DarkDepth2000’s post above, the limited-time Blissey Tera Raids are bursting at the seams with useful rewards. Namely Tera Shards and Exp. Candy L/XL.

Another user, TranzitBusRouteB, shared roughly how much Exp. Candy players can expect to earn per raid. “Blissey Raids give you around 200,000 EXP each time,” they explained, “You have a 75% chance of getting rewards with Shards and Candy and a 25% chance of getting Shards only. That said, the shard exclusives still give over 60 shards total, so still great to farm!”

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Tera Shards can be used to change a Pokemon’s Tera type, but players will need 100 pieces of a single shard type to do so. These are usually tedious to collect, but Blissey Raids prove to be the perfect way to acquire them in bulk.

Besides being a farm for valuable exp items, players can also sell their surplus candy to make a profit. A single Exp Candy XL sells for 5,000 Pokedollars, and Blissey can drop multiple bundles of three to five candies each. If the Academy Ace Tourney isn’t printing money fast enough, this weekend’s Blissey Raids shouldn’t have a problem.

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