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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s third legendary need to connect with terastalization

Rumors are currently circulating about potential new Legendary Pokémon to be introduced Pokemon Scarlet and violet alongside Koraidon and Miraidon, something the fans are expecting Pokemon traditions. while earlier Pokemon Games typically used two versions of Legendaries exclusive mascots, with a third appearing in an “ultimate” edition, such as B. Rayquaza for Pokemon Emerald or Giratina for Pokemon Platinumthis formula hasn’t been explored that much since the fifth generation of the series.


After the last third Legendaries like Zygarde or Eternatus, Pokemon Scarlet and violet‘s The upcoming new third Legendary should be more about the story or mechanics of the game. Owing to scarlet and Violets Non-linear game design, players would need to be encouraged to research and seek out new mythical or legendary Pokémon, and linking these to integral parts of the game design will help. Based on what fans know scarlet and violet So far, his third legendary should be related to Terastalization in some way.

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Third legendary story arcs in Pokemon

The last time gamers saw a third game released within a generation was platinum version next to it Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. While fans had hoped so Pokemon Gray will be announced below Black and White, Game Freak took the games in a different direction and released them Pokemon Black 2 and white 2 as direct sequels – a first for the series. Pokemon X and Y So I’ve never seen a third version Pokemon Sun and moon Get pseudo-remakes in ultra sun and ultra moon. given sword and Sign scrapped the convention in favor of DLC, that’s likely Pokemon Scarlet and violet will be no different.

However, Game Freak has compensated for this by creating storylines that better deal with the third Legendary Pokemon, rather than (mostly) sidelined them. black 2 and white 2 took advantage of Kyurem by creating fusions of Pokemon then for the first time Omega ruby and Alpha Sapphire expanded their storyline to include Rayquaza and his new Mega Evolution, and Deoxys. That’s close Pokemon Scarlet and Violets 3. Legendary could fill a similar role.

A legendary Terastal Pokémon

Game Freak has already confirmed this scarlet and violet will feature three different storylines for players to explore on their own, one being the traditional arena battles seen in other games and the other being the academic treasure hunt. Whether the Terastallation plays a role in any of this remains to be seen, but it would be beneficial for Game Freak to take advantage of the unique mechanic being introduced, both for its striking visual aesthetic and for its game-changing effects.

While Pokemon has traditionally played fast and loose when it comes to the origins of certain gimmicks like Mega Evolution or Z-Moves, it would be interesting to see how Game Freak introduces a Legendary Pokemon that is somewhat related to Terastalization sword and SignThe Eternatus. Whether it’s the origin of the unique mechanic or a Pokemon permanently altered by the Terastallation, introducing something inspired by and designed around the gimmick’s mechanics and aesthetics would serve as justification for its existence.

For games that go beyond the traditional, linear formula we’ve seen before Pokemon Titles that encourage players to engage with and understand the Terastallation could be achieved through a Legendary Pokemon. Not only would this set the goal of finding and capturing this monster, it could also enlighten players on how the mechanics work, how best to use them, and spotting Pokemon with unique Tera-types. This third Legendary might even be scarlet and violet‘s potential dragon/fairy-type Pokémon that fans are asking about, linking it to both Miraidon and Koraidon, as well as Terastalization’s gem visuals.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 18th.

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