Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Blueberry Academy may be hiding secrets on the seabed in the afterlife

Although The Teal Mask DLC will not be released until autumn 2023, Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe second DLC The Indigo Disk is still attracting a lot of interest fans. Slated for release in Winter 2023, The Indigo Disk will spawn plenty of new content, including new Pokémon like the new Legendary Pokémon Terapagos and new battle trainers, as shown in the reveal trailer for the DLC. However, one new thing from the Indigo Disk is particularly peculiar, and that is the setting of the DLC. In the Indigo Disk, players attend Naranja/Uva Academy’s sister school: Blueberry Academy.


Unlike Naranja Academy and Uva Academy, Blueberry Academy is located off Paldea’s mainland as the school is in the middle of the ocean, which is a strange place for a school. Although not much is known about Blueberry Academy at this time, it has been confirmed that the school is relatively new compared to the main academy and its courses are mostly focused on Pokémon battles. The reveal trailer gave fans a glimpse of the school, showing the classrooms and the main battle arena where players will likely face off against the new trainers teased in the DLC’s poster. Blueberry Academy seems like a fun place, but it seems likely Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC has a lot more to offer.

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Exploration around the Blueberry Academy

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk Classroom

It has been confirmed that most of the school building lies under the sea, meaning that there is potential for exploration in the various areas of the academy. It’s speculatively possible for players to be able to maneuver around the school and participate in classes similar to exploring Naranja/Uva Academy, but hopefully there will be more places for players to investigate. Players should be able to go floor by floor in Blueberry Academy, with each floor containing specific rooms such as: Also, the stadium shown in the trailer should be available to players as it will be the location for significant Pokémon battles against the students hinted at in The Indigo Disk poster.

One confusing thing about the DLC, however, is that it’s unclear where players can explore and catch both new and returning Pokémon. Since The Indigo Disk is set in a school, it’s safe to assume that wild Pokémon won’t just roam the halls of the Academy unless something mysterious like a breach or wormhole opening happens. It’s possible players could explore nearby islands and the ocean surrounding the school, but that would divert focus from the academy, making it unlikely. One possibility could be that something is hidden in the deepest parts of the academy.

What could be under Blueberry Academy


One major theory that could explain why Blueberry Academy is located in the middle of the ocean is that there is a research facility in the deepest part of the academy. Similar to Area Zero in Paldea’s Great Crater, researchers could be investigating something mysterious residing beneath the Academy, such as something related to Paradox Pokemon or the Terastal Phenomenon. Research labs could be set up in the lower parts of the Academy to research or experiment on Pokémon, including the new Legendary Pokémon Terapagos, which could have been found in the depths of the ocean near the school.

Another possibility could be a cave system hidden under the ocean, accessible via an elevator from the academy, where players can explore the caves and catch new and returning Pokémon. An interesting feature that Game Freak could add to The Indigo Disk is adding something similar Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Dynamax Adventures from The Crowned Tundra DLC, except Dynamax has been replaced with Terastilized Pokemon. The special Raid game mode could introduce players to the rumored new Tera Form Pokémon. There is still a long way to go before the DLC is released, so fans will continue to speculate as to what secrets Blueberry Academy is hiding.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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