Pokémon Scarlet and Violet can teach Ni No Kuni 3

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet left significant room for improvement since it eventually took a big risk, and Ni No Kuni 3 was able to learn a lot from that.

While there are many popular JRPGs, none comes close to this widespread acclaim Pokemon enjoy. Even genre titans like it final fantasy and dragon quest pales in comparison to Game Freak IP as it is currently the most successful fictional media property in the world. Its legacy spans nearly 25 years and numerous iterations, each one adored by fans on a variety of Nintendo devices. That doesn’t mean it’s a perfect franchise, though, as it usually relies on a tired, repetitive formula. Resulted from this Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet and violet try to do something different by presenting open worlds for players to explore.


It’s been a rocky few years for the franchise, however PokemonThe mistakes of can be used to the advantage of others. Ni no Kuni has some obvious similarities to the Juggernaut, and with rumors of a third game circulating for some time, it’s in a prime position to capitalize on it Pokemons mistake. Ni no Kuni 2 was a significant departure from the first in story and combat terms, but the importance of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch towards his successor is obvious. Ni no Kuni 3 could take some hints Pokemon Scarlet and violet to have an even bigger presence in the west, especially given that Game Freak’s latest outing had many blemishes that were obvious to everyone.

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Ni no Kuni should be careful with open worlds

ni no kuni 2 revenant kingdom city view

Open world game design is very popular for many genres. From shooters to adventure titles, a large, non-linear space to explore has proven to be an effective way of keeping players’ attention when managed well. PokemonThe linearity of was once part of its charm, but as technology evolved, graphics improved, and tastes changed, the need for a change was evident. Pokémon sword and Sign felt like a relic from a bygone era in many ways, but when Pokémon Legends: Arceus and scarlet and violet postponed there have been some significant growing pains.

Ni no Kuni borrows a lot Pokemonthat combines the best of traditional JRPG design with collecting small monsters and developing them to fight against wild enemies. Pokemon Scarlet and violet haphazardly provided an open world that some found empty altogether, but Ni no Kuni 3 was able to build on the first two games in its series while implementing a more modern open world where stumbling across new areas feels like a real discovery.

Pokemon shows that hardware matters

pokemon scarlet and violet graphics bug

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Released in the west in 2013 but remastered in 2019 with updated graphics and a smoother frame rate. That is, if players have decided to purchase the PlayStation 4 version. The Nintendo Switch was also ported Ni no Kuniand while the Studio Ghibli graphics stood the test of time, it was a testament to the Switch’s limitations. Ni no Kuni 3 Modern hardware is unlikely to be too taxing as the art style and lighting are far from realistic, but attaching it to the Switch can prove tricky.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet revisited the Switch hardware issue thanks to inconsistent performance and visuals. This may not be due to the Switch itself, but it does call into question its ability to also accommodate games made for other platforms. Ni no Kuni 3 must learn from it Pokemon Scarlet and violet by understanding the limitations of the hardware, playing to its strengths and avoiding what it’s not good at. The series has a lot in common with Game Freak’s Titan franchise, but it has the potential to get even better by staying clear of the pitfalls scarlet and violet couldn’t get over it.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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