Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the flagship Nintendo Switch, is now available on Amazon!

The latest Mario Switch Pokemon Legends game is available on Amazon.

Published on Monday 23 – 23 October 2019 at 9:40 p.m.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus came to Nintendo Switch on January 28, 2022. The brave game has complete gameplay. It enjoys a generous promotion from Amazon as it is available at -26%.

Pokemon Legends is a great game with unique gameplay and in-game storylines.

While the game is already gearing up to join the Pokemon franchise, Legends: Arceus, which released earlier this year, has had to reinvigorate a number of gameplay innovations and continue to delight players.

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Instead of the actual adventure, the protagonists explore the past of what is now called Sinnoh in the Hisui region. With a few tweaks, the classic Pokemon catching mechanic continues.

In all stores, the Pokémon are scattered all over the place and players must keep in mind that the aggressive creatures are not supposed to attack them. Yes, in this game Pokemon chase you like wild animals.

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In the Symphonie universe, you can stay hidden and throw paws or engage in traditional turn-based combat to lose their worth before capturing them.

Pokemon Legends is arguably the most satisfying franchise game in terms of exploration. You could travel around the world and unlock new regions to host new creatures.

If you’re a long-time fan of the anime, take a chance to get the game for Nintendo Switch Pokemon Legends: Arceus available on Amazon on January 24, 49 for no more than 499.99.

Points cont

A real sense of adventurePokemon capture, exhilaratingEra well absorbed and exploitedFairly large playing fieldFluid and very pleasing to the eye.

weak points

The emergence of fauna, a complete lack of challenges Aspects passed on by the second plan The attitude of the population is very simple Not enough sights.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a beautiful experience that will satisfy both fans who are always looking for change and newcomers looking for a fun open-world adventure. Adventure is the word. For the best of the two major series, with an unprecedented formula, Game Freak manages to leave this player without a doubt alone in a single large open area with free-roaming Pokémon and a touch of mystery at every moment. Until the beginning, the catches will not be exhausting, but we will always find new species. Nevertheless, the excursions gradually show a world that could have offered more. Like a believable fauna, it must not only move randomly, but interact with the decor. You will find more interesting points and challenges to enjoy the many game mechanics. Sometimes with a new formula and legacy, Pokemon Legends Arceus sometimes misses the mark. But surely is a successful title.

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