Pokemon GO Leaks reveal an interesting new Raid Battle feature

A Pokemon GO Leak reveals that an intriguing feature is being developed for raid battles. Niantic has been working on it Pokemon GO Game fun by adding different content. This content includes events, new Pokémon, items, and different ways of playing the game that will encourage players to be creative when it comes to building their teams and strategizing.

Aside from running around to find and catch Pokemon, one of the ways is to have a lot of fun Pokemon GO is participation in raid battles. These battles take place in groups, and Trainers can challenge different raid types to battle specific Pokémon. One example is the recent return of Elite Raids, a more challenging twist on Standard Raids that spawned the legendary Regidrago Pokemon GO. Raid Battles already have familiar mechanics for players who know what to expect from this game mode. But after a new one Pokemon GO Leak, this could change soon thanks to the launch of a new feature.


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The PokeMiners website recently revealed several features in development for Pokemon GO, including movement modifiers for raid battles. According to the leakers, these modifiers alter a move’s performance during combat, and the condition that triggers these modifiers can be a variety of things. Some examples speculated by PokeMiners are conditions based on cooldown (can only be used every X times), usage (can be used X times), and moment (when the boss has a certain HP percentage). The leakers emphasize that this is a way forward for Niantic should the developers decide to add two famous mechanics from the main series Pokemon GO. One is made of Z-Moves Pokemon sun and moonand the second is the Gigantamax Pokemon of Pokemon Sword and Shield.


Previously, PokeMiners revealed that a new Pokemon GO The raid type is also in development, which could mean good news for players. While the leakers don’t have any information on when Move modifiers will arrive in-game, they report that this feature won’t be limited to raids. The leaks indicate that movement modifiers will also be added Pokemon GO‘s PvP, although there is currently no information on how the feature will work in this case.

Movement modifiers have the potential to shake up the way raids are played and make them more interesting. It’s something that can require players to find new ideas and ways to play, adding an extra layer of challenge. This also shows that Niantic is still working on it Pokemon GO active and bring content that makes the game more dynamic and fun for the players.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS.

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Source: PokeMiners


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