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Pokemon Go: How to get Shiny Genesect

Would you like to learn how to get Shiny Genesect in Pokemon Go? Everyone Pokemon Go The trainer strives to have the strongest, rarest, and brightest Pokémon in their collection. And when a Pokémon combines all of these qualities, it becomes a valuable trophy in any player’s collection. Genesect is a Bug and Steel-type Mythical Pokemon with outstanding skills and stats, and it can also be Shiny. The only way to get Genesect is to defeat it in a Raid Gym and then use your best Pokéball throws to catch it. Even defeating a Genesect is quite a challenge, and getting a Shiny Genesect is even more difficult, but our guide is here to help and tell you how to get a Shiny Genesect in Pokemon Go.

How to get Shiny Genesect in Pokemon Go

As we said before, the only way to get Genesect is to fight Raid Gyms with him and then catch him. Based on this, you can get a Shiny Genesect in the same way, but you won’t know if you hit a Shiny Genesect or a Standard Genesect until the end of the fight. Once you win you have a chance to catch a Genesect and there is a 1/20 chance it will be a Shiny Genesect. This chance is pretty slim, so you’ll need to visit at least ten raid gyms before you get Shiny Genesect in Pokemon Go.

Although Genesect is quite difficult to defeat, the main difficulty in getting Shiny Genesect is not in it. Genesect is a rare guest in raid arenas, and you probably won’t see him all that often. But now things are different. Genesect will be a frequent guest at the Raid Gyms during the Bug Out event, taking place from August 10th to 18th, 2022. It is probably the best opportunity lately as you can try your luck many times and get Shiny Genesect in your collection.

Also, don’t forget that you need a Raid Pass for each battle. And if you haven’t stocked up on them before, you’ll need to buy them from the in-game store to increase the number of attempts. We also don’t advise you to be overconfident. Gather a group of friends to defeat him faster and not waste your Raid Pass.


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As we have already said, Genesect has a lot of resistance and only one weak point, and in order to defeat him you need to select counters for Genesect based on that. Genesect’s only weakness is his Fire-type attacks, which deal him a whopping 256% damage. Accordingly, you should create a team of Pokémon that have Fire-type moves and are resistant to Bug and Steel-type moves. We decided to help you a little and make a list of the best counters for Genesect in Pokemon Go:

  • Chandelier: Fire Whirl, Overheat.
  • Darmanitan: Fire catching, overheating.
  • Volcarona: Fire Whirl, Overheat.
  • Blaziken: Fire rotation, explosion fire.
  • Moltres: Fire Whirl, Overheat.
  • Beacon: Fire Whirl, Overheat.
  • Entei: Fire catching, overheating.
  • Heatran: Fire vortex, flamethrower.
  • hell monkey: Fire rotation, explosion fire.
  • Charizard: Fire rotation, explosion fire.

We advise you to hurry because the bug out event ends on August 18th. And when it’s over, you won’t see Genesect in raid arenas for a long time and won’t be able to get Shiny Genesect in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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