Pokemon Go Field Research December 2022, List of All Tasks and Rewards

The Season of Mythic Wishes is here, has surprised us and will stay for the next three months. The Mythical Wishes season also brings new field research quests and Pokémon encounters in December 2022, so let’s take a look at the new quests and rewards.

This new season in Pokemon is all about celebrating the Hoenn region in the Pokemon universe and brings us some knowledge about Hoenn, his Pokemon and their way of loving. With this, trainers will also enjoy many bonuses.

Niantic’s habit of updating the game monthly is to bring a new set of field research tasks. This also applies to the current month of December 2022. A field research task is obtained by spinning and then completing a PokeStop disc. After completing the task, you will get a stamp, and if you collect seven stamps, you will get what is called a research breakthrough.

As mentioned above, Niantic has a habit of releasing a new “wave” of field research tasks, and for December 2022 the research breakthrough encounters may include Galarian Mr. Mime (his Shiny form will also be available), Delibird, Bagon, Deino, Furfrou or Goomy.

Now for the latest field research assignments. Here is the list of field research tasks for December 2022.

December 2022 Field Research Tasks Encounters

  • Battles in GO Battle League: Spheal (can be shiny)
  • Catch 10 Fire-type Pokémon: 10 Charizard Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Grass-type Pokémon: 10 Venusaur Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Normal-type Pokémon: 10 Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Catch 10 Water-type Pokémon: 10 Blastoise Mega Energy
  • Catch 3 Ice-type Pokémon: Vanillite
  • Catch 5 Pokemon with Weather Boost: Poliwag (may be Shiny), Vulpix (may be Shiny), Hippopotas (may be Shiny), Snover (may be Shiny)
  • Catch 5 Pokemon: Spheal (can be Shiny), Swinub (can be Shiny), Shellder (can be Shiny)
  • Catch 7 Pokemon: Magikarp (can be Shiny)
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon: Bagon (can be Shiny), Dratini (can be Shiny)
  • Earn 2 candies when you walk your buddy: Bunnelby (can be shiny)
  • Earn 3 candies walking your buddy: Stunfisk
  • Earn 5 hearts with your buddy: Cottonee (can be shiny)
  • Evolve a Pokemon: Eevee (can be Shiny)
  • Give your buddy 3 treats: Meditite (can be shiny)
  • Hatch 2 Eggs: Beldum (may be Shiny)
  • Hatch an Egg: Cryogonal
  • Hatch an Egg: Mantine (can be Shiny)
  • Make 3 Excellent Throws in a row: Gible (can be Shiny)
  • Make 3 great throws in a row: Onix (can be shiny)
  • Make 3 big throws: Lileep (can be Shiny), Anorith (can be Shiny), Snubbull (can be Shiny)
  • Perform 5 great curveball throws in a row: Spinda 6 (can be shiny)
  • Make 5 nice throws: Dunsparce (can be shiny)
  • Make an excellent roll: Scyther (can be shiny)
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times: 25 Abomasnow Mega Energy
  • Power up Pokemon 3 times: Bulbasaur (can be Shiny), Charmander (can be Shiny), Squirtle (can be Shiny)
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: 10 Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Beedrill/Pidgeot Mega Energy
  • Power up Pokemon 5 times: Chikorita (can be Shiny), Cyndaquil (can be Shiny), Totodile (can be Shiny)
  • Power up Pokemon 7 times: Treecko (can be Shiny), Torchic (can be Shiny), Mudkip (can be Shiny)
  • Purify 3 Shadow Pokémon: Alolan Rattata (can be Shiny), Poochyena (can be Shiny), Carvanha (can be Shiny)
  • Send 5 gifts and add a sticker to each: Delibird (can be shiny)
  • Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms: Sudowoodo (can be shiny)
  • Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms: Ralts (can be shiny)
  • Take 5 snaps of wild Pokemon: Ralts (can be shiny)
  • Take a snapshot of a wild Pokemon: Murkrow (can be Shiny), Hoppip (can be Shiny), Yanma (can be Shiny)
  • Trade a Pokémon: Machoke
  • Use 5 Nanab Berries while catching Pokemon: Weedle (can be Shiny), Wurmple (can be Shiny)
  • Win 5 Raids: Aerodactyl (can be Shiny)
  • Win a Tier 3 or higher Raid: Kabuto (can be Shiny), Omanyte (can be Shiny)
  • Win Raid: Sneasel (can be shiny)

That’s the complete list of all field research tasks and Pokemon encounters in December 2022, so make sure you complete the tasks and get a new shiny Pokemon.

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