Niantic is the company behind our favorite mobile game, and we all know what game that is.

The company has been under fire for the past few days and we have to say that they have themselves to blame. It feels good to listen to your players, who at the same time bring you enormous amounts of money. They know what’s good for the game. The happier your players are, the longer your business will stay alive.

Well, we’ve all heard in the past how many Niantic projects there have been, but that’s about it. No press, no advertising, nothing. It’s as if those projects vanished into thin air. An example of this is Endgame. So many promises and so many interesting insights, and we haven’t heard a single word about Endgame since.

The only successful projects to bear the Niantic name are Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Pikmin. We’re surprised Pikmin is still alive, to be honest. Harry Potter, one of the projects destined to become legendary, Niantic decided to block it in 2022, as did Catan.

Other projects to come out “soon” from Niantic are the following:

  • Campfire (full rollout)
  • Monster Hunter Now
  • Wonderland of Heroes
  • Peridot (coming tomorrow)

In our view, Pokemon Go is the only successful source of revenue for Niantic right now, and even that source is dead if the company continues to trade as it does. If your next project has the same fate as Endgame or Transformers, the only way to perish gracefully is if Niantic files for bankruptcy.

What do you think of Niantic? Where are they making their mistakes?


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