Pokémon fans share little-known details about HM Cut

Pokemon fans will discuss little-known facts about the games and share an ability of the HM Cut that some players may not have known.

Pokemon Fans have been discussing the games and sharing their knowledge of little-known mechanics, including one about HM Cut. Any player of the early Pokemon games knows that HM Cut is extremely handy, not only in combat but also for navigating the world, but it seems that many players didn’t know a certain thing about his abilities that can make a big difference in a gameplay .

Pokemon Games have been around for decades, and as a result some mechanics have changed over the years. This particular reveal revolves around the early generations of the games as it was changed from the fourth generation of Pokemon Title. Those considering revisiting some of the older entries should try this trick.


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HM incision Pokemon generally used to do things like cut down otherwise impassable trees and let them pass. The HM, like others, is often used to limit a player’s movement before they find themselves in an area they are unprepared for. Once the HM has been obtained or a specific battle has been completed, they can proceed. However, it turns out that the first three generations of the HM Cut could also be used to mow tall grass Pokemon games.

For many players who never knew this detail, it could have made a huge difference. Tall grass can be exciting, as Pokemon encounters mean adding new creatures to your collection and unlocking new Pokedex entries. Still, there are times when players desperately want to avoid random encounters. Whether you’re frustrated by the constant random battles, low-level Pokemon, or your team’s poor health, simply mowing the grass and eliminating the risk of a fight can be a big deal under the right circumstances. Using repel is also a way to avoid fights, but this method saves players money and also allows them to save their repels for areas where this doesn’t work, like the caves or the ocean.

games like Pokemon manages to amaze players with all the tiny and little-known details. Sometimes it’s not even a human who discovers these things as one Pokemon Fan’s Fish has encountered an error Pokemon Sapphire nearly two full decades after the title’s release. Other Nintendo games have made similar discoveries years or decades after release, such as: Zelda: Majora’s Mask and the original Punch out!! NES game. Chances are even the older ones Pokemon Games still have a little-known surprise or two that are still hidden, just waiting for fans to discover and share them.

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Source: Nintendo Life


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