Pokemon fan makes Psyduck ashtray

A Pokémon fan shares his brilliant creation online, an ashtray depicting a scene between two Psyducks at the edge of a pool.

An avid fan of Pokemon shared an image online of an ashtray they created showing a poolside scene between two Psyducks. Though it’s not a direct adaptation of anything featured in it Pokemonit’s a fun fan interpretation that perfectly captures the essence of Psyduck.

It’s been tough for lately Pokemon as a franchise, with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet plagued with publishing glitches. Nonetheless, it remains a moneymaker for Nintendo, which will certainly remain keen to capitalize on the franchise while continuing to capture the imagination of fans young and old. It’s a franchise with a fan base that now spans multiple generations. That’s why there are amazing tributes like this ashtray, as children you grew up with Pokemon develop their own tributes as they age.


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The ashtray created by BeeTHC is extremely unique and depicts a scene from the Pokemon Universe. It features a psyduck swimming in a small pool as well as a shiny psyduck sitting in a panic and watching from the sidelines. It is made of resin with every detail hand painted onto the design. There are also small poke balls placed around the pool giving it that extra bit of detail. It’s clear it came from someone who understands and is in awe of him Pokemon Franchise.

Psyduck Ashtray screenshot

For more on the Psyduck ashtray, see the Reddit post here.

Redditors on the Pokemon subreddit instantly fell in love with the creation, which received over 200 upvotes in the first few hours after posting it. Many users were dismayed that it was actually an ashtray as it wouldn’t look out of place on many gamers’ shelves. Redditor OldManTurner even said, “I would feel so guilty if I ashed in that lmao.” One user even suggested it was a ruse to prevent the user from smoking, as it would mean the Psyduck’s water to pollute. It’s interesting to see Pokemon Fan creations that are as practical as they are artistic, with some fans even creating food from different Pokémon’s designs, like Tangela Cupcakes.

As one of the greatest gaming series of all time Pokemon has an amazing amount of fan creations, and it takes something grand for fans to really take notice these days. But even in such a busy scene, Psyduck remains a hugely popular subject as one of the original Gen 1 additions. One fan even re-imagined Psyduck as every other Pokémon type. With the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violetthe franchise remains as popular as ever, but as this post proves, many fans keep coming back to the classics.

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