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Pokemon fan makes Magnemite Chocolate Pops

A Pokémon fan shows off the delicious-looking cake pops they created based on Gen 1’s Electric/Steel-type Pokémon, Magnemite.

A Pokemon A fan recently shared that they made some delicious looking cake pops based on the Electric/Steel Pokemon Magnemite. Long-time fans of the 1st Generation Kanto region Pokemon showing the entire process in a short video will likely appreciate how the fan incorporated all of the minute details that make up the Pokemon’s traits into their baked creation Has.

This isn’t the first time this fan has done cute Pokemon confectionery and chocolate. To celebrate the recently concluded Community Day in September Pokemon GO, they previously shared that they made chocolates based on the Rock Pokémon Rye Rola. And this probably won’t be the last time they’ll be baked Pokemon Were. Now it seems that Magnemite is another sweet addition to her ever-growing personal collection of Pokemon– themed chocolates and baked confections.


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On Reddit, user miscellaneousmao posted the footage of how they made the cake pop based on the Electric and Steel Pokemon Magnemite. According to Redditor, they used Oreos and chocolate ganache to shape the confection’s rounded body. Using white chocolate and colored candy melts, they were able to squirt on small details of the Pokémon like its big eye. They also used a variety of other techniques to make the Magnemite’s top and side screws, including its magnet arms, to complete their entire creation.

Fans will likely enjoy the fact that the whole cake pop is entirely edible. Redditor miscellaneousmao shared that even the stick they used to support the confection is made out of pocky, a type of Japanese breadstick snack. That means fans can bite into both the cake pop and the stick of confectionery. Lots of people Pokemon Fans seemed to find the Redditor’s creations incredible and amazing, especially with the details from which they were made. Some even noticed that Miscellaneousmao added a shiny version of the Pokémon at the end of the video to add variety to their cake pops.

The Redditor doesn’t seem to be celebrating any special occasion when he decided to make these Pokemon-Themed cake pops. Most of her previous work has been set around a holiday or special event within the year Pokemon community. Still with Pokemon Scarlet and violet With a launch in November 2022 and a series of holidays towards the end of the year, fans are likely to see more from different Maos Pokemon baked creations online in the future.

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