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Pokemon fan enhances map graphics using AI imaging

While many people use AI image generator programs to create new art with a few text prompts, a Pokémon fan expands on old TCG art instead.

A fan of Pokemon trading card game has enhanced the artwork of some cards with an AI image generator. Images generated by algorithms from text prompts have recently become a current internet trend, allowing fans who may not be too savvy in art to create concepts they couldn’t live without. Many players have decided to have fun with the generators as a fan used it to create one Red Dead Redemption 2 and Solid metal gear crossover.


AI image generators are a relatively new invention where users can give the algorithm a small request to generate an image from it. These can range from something completely new or use something that was previously there to give the AI ​​something more visual to use as a reference. In this case, Reddit user WholeGarden5504 gave the application ten different ones Pokemon trading card game “Expand” illustrations and draw in the rest of the background cut off by the map’s movements and stats.

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The versions created by WholeGarden5504’s image generator of choice, Dall-E 2, are incredibly faithful to the maps it was intended to follow. Dall-E 2 is an improved version of the first text-to-image AI program developed by the same developers as Open AI. Even if Dall-E 2 has done better than its predecessors in many ways, there is still room for a few mistakes.

While the AI ​​followed the illustrations fairly closely, there are a few bugs and some are larger than others. For example, Jigglypuff’s right ear seems to have been lost due to some sort of glitch, while the illustration for Dialga makes the Legendary Pokemon look like its legs are stretched out weirdly, while the freely generated background it’s in looks incredible.

Despite some glitches, some of these trading card art were made even more impressive with the help of Dall-E 2, as was the case with the Totodile and Snorlax cards. It’s turned out to be quite a fruitful experiment for WholeGarden5504, and they’ve said they plan to expand more Pokemon trading cards in the future. Despite the flaws in the images produced, other fans enjoy the results and even joke about the flaws.

However, as AI image generators become more popular, a conversation has sprung up about professional artists concerned that algorithms like Dall-E 2 could make their jobs obsolete in the future. The argument may have some merit as the tool can help fans create anything they want, including wacky concepts like Danny DeVito as animal crossing Villager. While these text-to-image programs are controversial at the moment, WholeGarden5504 has at least found a way to help Pokemon trading card game Art shines instead of erasing the work of the people who made the illustrations possible.

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Source: Reddit

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