Pokemon fan creates concept for their ideal Sinnoh remakes

With many veteran players feeling overwhelmed by the Gen 4 remakes, one Pokémon fan describes how perfect the Sinnoh experience could have been.

It’s safe to say that many fans of the original Gen 4 Pokemon Games were unhappy with the Sinnoh remakes released in late 2021, which only led to many fans of the series debating how Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl could have been made much more interesting by adding certain features. Creating the perfect remake is generally a challenging task for developers, but many Pokemon Fans find the Generation 4 remakes were a bit too similar to the originals.


How many in the Pokemon Community will know the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl along with Pokemon Platinum are games dear to many coaches around the world, even the first ones Pokemon Games for many experienced players. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that sticking to the original nostalgic values ​​while introducing new gameplay features and story elements is a near-impossible task, and such remakes rarely appeal to all fans. During Pokemon Franchise itself is no stranger to remakes and is often praised for what has been accomplished within them Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega RubyUnfortunately, the more recent Sinnoh remakes haven’t fared as well with the community, lacking in interesting new additions that neglected the series’ past decade of gameplay innovations.

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As always, fans chimed in to suggest how the ideal Sinnoh experience could be created by adding a few ingredients found in many other titles in the franchise. A fan named Choice_Program_2846 on Reddit posted an image detailing how the remakes could have been made perfect with the introduction of Sinnohan forms and the inclusion of content only seen in Pokemon Platinum, and the return of features like Mega Evolution and Battle Frontier. These are just some of the top player suggestions, as the list also includes tons of features that have been seen in newer games and were missing from the Gen 4 remakes. Some players feel that too Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl should have been made with full 3D graphics similar to those seen in the most modern titles.

Of course they are much more popular Pokémon Legends: Arceus gave the Sinnoh region a lot more depth and ticked things off fans’ wish lists. Including the introduction of true open-world gameplay, new regional exclusive Pokemon, and even new forms for certain Legendary Pokemon. Pokémon Legends: Arceus allowed fans to experience Sinnoh in a whole new way – even if it wasn’t a remake.

While many veteran fans of the franchise have been disappointed with the state of remakes of these popular games, Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl nonetheless provided a rewarding experience for many fans who never had the opportunity to play the originals. Still, players are hoping Game Freak doesn’t outsource its next remakes like it did with Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl.

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