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Pokemon: Best Clemont Episodes, Ranked

Pokemon the series: XY is one of the most popular seasons of the year Pokemon anime The series follows Ash and his partner Pikachu on a journey through the Kalos region. As in previous anime seasons, Ash is accompanied by companions that appear in each season Pokemon title games, Pokemon X & Y.

Except for Serena, the female player character X & Y who joins Ash’s journey, Ash is joined by Clemont, the Electro Gym Leader in Lumiose City. Together with Clemont’s sister Bonnie, he becomes a valuable ally to Ash Ketchum in her adventures and a powerful adversary. These episodes are Clemont’s best moments to shine.


10/10 Kalos, where dreams and adventures begin!

Clemont and his sister first appear in the very first episode of Pokemon the series: XY, when Ash first arrives in the Kalos region. When they first meet, Ash is already eager to take on Clemont, who Ash accepts as a challenge. That is, until their fight is interrupted by none other than Team Rocket, who are out to steal Ash’s Pikachu again.

As Ash and Clemont team up to stop Team Rocket, they are surprised by the arrival of a Froakie, who saves the group from capture. With Frakie injured, Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie rush to take him to Professor Sycamore’s lab for treatment. Clemont has already proven to be a great rival to Ash and a wise ally.

9/10 The future is now, thanks to determination!

As episode 62 begins, Clemont is reminded of his promise to allow Ash to challenge him at the Lumiose City Gym. However, having followed Ash’s journey thus far, Clemont begins to worry about his ability to defeat Ash. After an accident at the Kalos power plant, he gets a chance to prove himself.

Predictably, the problem at Kalos Power Plant is the presence of Team Rocket, who are trying to recapture Pokémon. Clemont comes to the rescue, although for a moment he struggles to keep his Luxio under control. Once the issue is resolved, Clemont realizes he needs time to train before his big fight against Ash and leaves the traveling party to return to his role as Gym Leader.

8/10 A Trip Down Memory Train!

Ever since Ash first met Clemont, Bunnelby, a Pokémon native to Kalos, has been the Electro Gym Leader’s companion. However, Clemont does not explain how he and Bunnelby became partners until the 88th episode of the series. The story begins when Clemont is accidentally kicked out of the Lumiose Gym by Clembot, his own invention.

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After a Bunnelby steals an apple from Bonnie, Clemont helps her hunt it down. When they come across the Bunnelby being attacked by a much larger Diggersby, Clemont saves it. Clemont then assists Bunnelby in training so it can hold its own against Diggersby. He eventually decides to capture the Bunnelby and take it with him on his own journey.

7/10 Considering the great design!

In this episode, Ash and his companions are ambushed by Malamar on their way to Coumarine City. At the same time, the Team Rocket trio is also attacked by a Malamar, which has the power to hypnotize wandering humans and Pokémon. In a twist of fate, all but Clemont, James, Meowth, and Inkay are captured.

Clemont and James befriend a friendly group of Malamar and confront the evil Malamar and are able to free the others. It’s a rare moment when Ash’s friends and Team Rocket have to join forces, but it’s worth the compromise since everyone gets to keep their Pokémon. It’s all thanks to Clemonts Bunnelby for helping them escape the Malamar in the first place.

6/10 The right hero for the right job!

Late in Pokemon the series: XY, Ash and his friends are busy thwarting a plot by Lysandre to take over the world. In this episode, Ash is in the thick of it against Lysandre and teams up with his rival Alain, while Bonnie takes on the legendary Zygarde. However, most of the conflict in this episode revolves around Clemont’s mission.

Clemont makes it to the Lumiose Gym and attempts to infiltrate Team Flare’s security system. Clemont confronts Xerosic, the Team Flare scientist who controls Zygarde, and challenges him to a fight. After defeating Xerosic, Clemont takes control of the system and unfortunately sacrifices Clembot to destroy Team Flare’s machine.

5/10 Clemont has a secret!

When Clemont joins Ash’s tour group, Ash is unaware of his status as Lumiose City Gym Leader. When Ash finally arrives, he is met by Meyer, Clemont, and Bonnie’s father, who reveals the truth to Ash and Serena’s surprise. However, Clemont built Clembot to free himself from his duties as a gym leader and focus on inventing.

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However, Clembot malfunctions and does not allow Clemont to enter his own gym. Clemont recruits Ash to help him sneak into Lumiose Tower to fix Clembot. After Clembot is repaired, Clemont and Bonnie travel with Ash and Serena again, but not before promising Ash they will return after Ash earns enough badges to challenge Clemont.

4/10 A campus meeting!

In this episode, Clemont takes Ash, Serena, and Bonnie to the academy where he first became an electronics master. There, Clemont reunites with a Luxio he met at school when it was a Shinx, who resents Clemont after not returning for it. When Team Rocket arrives to steal the Luxio, Clemont must come to the aid of his old friend.

Together, Clemont and Luxio stop Team Rocket, but Clemont worries that Luxio will not forgive him for leaving him all those years ago. Luxio surprises Clemont by showing up for their meeting anyway. After catching the Electric-type Pokémon, Clemont continues his journey with Ash, Serena, and Bonnie, with an old friend in tow.

3/10 Heroes – Friends and Faux alike!

As Ash and his companions travel to Shalour City, Team Rocket has another plan in the works: disguise themselves as Ash and his friends and wreak havoc on a city. When the real Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie arrive, they are confused by the gruff greeting from the townspeople and Officer Jenny. However, Team Rocket’s plan is not finished here.

Jessie and James pose as scientists and lure Clemont away from the others to inquire about a technological problem. While Clemont is distracted, Team Rocket enacts a plan to capture Pikachu, but Clemont senses the ruse. When Team Rocket uses Clemont’s teleportation device to capture Pikachu, it malfunctions and blows them up, all of which was Clemont’s plan.

2/10 Until we compete again!

In the final of Pokemon the series: XY, Ash breaks up with the new friends he made in the Kalos region. The first to leave is Serena, who makes her way to the Hoenn region, but not before shocking Clemont and Bonnie by kissing Ash. Once she leaves, Clemont challenges Ash to one last Pokemon fight before leaving, to which Ash happily accepts.

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The most emotional aspect of this fight is that it is not shown. As Ash sends out Pikachu and Clemont sends out Bunnelby, the show moves on to Serena arriving in Hoenn reminiscing about all the good times they had during their Kalos travels. This wasn’t Clemont’s last appearance in the anime as he returned briefly Pokemon Journeys: The Series.

1/10 The moment of shining truth!

After Clemont leaves Ash’s party in The Future is Now, Thanks to Determination, their much-anticipated fight finally arrives five episodes later. The epic long battle begins with Bunnelby versus Pikachu, which ends in Pikachu’s favor despite Bunnelby’s improved performance. But the next duel confuses Ash’s strategy.

When Clemont’s Heliolisk overtakes Ash’s Goodra, Ash trades in his Hawlucha, which defeats Heliolisk despite a type disadvantage. Finally, Clemont’s evolved Luxray, his most powerful Pokémon, meets Ash’s Goodra. However, Luxray is no match for Goodra’s attacks, and Ash defeats Clemont in battle, earning the Tension Badge.

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