Pokémon (2023) offers a glimpse of possible antagonists

The latest news for the new Pokemon Anime has come out. In a recent tweet from The Pokemon Anime’s Official Twitter, Character designs for three new trainers have been released. As for the role they will play in the anime, speculation remains.

These new characters could be the new antagonists of the series. Now that all the protagonists are established, it would make sense to let the audience know who they will be fighting. The only way to say anything about these three is to look at what is known about them.

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What has been discovered about explorers so far?

The new group all works for a group called “Explorers”. They are likely a group of adventurers similar to the Rising Volteccers formed earlier for the series. Given their darker, more uniform color palette, they could either be rival adventurers, or simply adventurers seeking to achieve the same goals as the Rising Volteccers, albeit for less admirable purposes.

The leader of the group appears to be a young man named Amethyo (Japanese: アメジオ Amejio). Its main Pokémon is Ceruledge, a Fire and Ghost-type that excels at resentment, resentment, and a lack of mercy; His signature move is even called Bitter Blade. As for Amethyo himself, he seems rather cold and calculating. Assuming everything he presents is played directly, he would make an excellent primary antagonist.

His fellow researchers also seem to be antagonistic. Zir (Japanese: ジル Jiru) is a tall, muscular man with a wicked smile. Its main Pokémon, Rhydon, is also often shown in opposition to protagonists due to its menacing appearance and size. It serves as a menacing-looking opponent for main characters with smaller, unevolved Pokémon like Ash’s Pikachu or Liko’s Sprigatito. His human partner Conia (Japanese: コニア Konia) also seems to be looking for trouble. Her expression and body language seem to convey an air of haughtiness brought on by her professionalism. Her partner Pokémon Golduck isn’t particularly antagonistic, but it could easily be. These two could represent James and Jessie of the new series, with Amethyo being either a commanding officer or, more interestingly, a more dedicated Giovanni.

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Of course, it’s still difficult to say for sure that these three are really Team Rocket’s successors in terms of antagonism. All that has been shown of them is that Amethyo emits Ceruledge at night. However, it seems to match some other revealed footage of Liko sending out her Sprigatito at night, as well as some footage of Friede flying in on his Charizard with the moon in the background. These three scenes could be linked shots of Liko challenging Amethyo when she caught him doing something wrong and then being saved by Friede when it turned out he was too much.

For now, fans will have to wait and see who “Explorers” are and what their goal is. That said, if it turns out to be something unsavory, it wouldn’t be surprising. In any case, everything should be clear by the time the anime premieres on April 14th.


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