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Cockaignethe directorial debut of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia Star Charlie Day, will hit theaters later this year. formerly named El Tonto during the production, Cockaigne Written and directed by Charlie Day, it features an all-star cast that’s brighter than headlights on a dark country lane. The film was recently picked up by Roadside Attractions, Grindstone and Lionsgate and will be released both in home entertainment and in cinemas exclusively. This will be Day’s first time directing a film, although he has starred in several comedies and sci-fi films in the past.

Charlie Day fans will have put his writing skills to the test it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. The television show is America’s longest-running live-action sitcom, airing since 2006. Day helped create the show and has co-written it with co-creators Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney since its inception. Cockaigne will be his first foray into filmmaking, but Day has prepared himself with brilliant comedic acting, profound musical acumen and experience on film sets. And if you don’t trust the director, you’ll know that when you see the cast Cockaigne is not to be overlooked.


Fool’s Paradise: The Storyline

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Little is known about this Cockaigne Aside from a brief synopsis. Charlie Day’s film is technically a long time in the making, but due to mitigating circumstances and deep artistic influences, the editing process took much longer than expected. Cockaigne was initially delayed by the pandemic and because of this, time changed the filmmaker’s perspective and after some inspirational words from Guillermo Del Toro, Day made many reshoots and changed the film significantly. Day shared the following with SlashFilm.

“I took advantage of the pandemic to stop like Pixar and look at my project and change any aspects that I wanted to change. And I’m going through the finishing process now, but I’ve had a lot of help from a really talented mentor, a brilliant man called Guillermo del Toro, who… I wanted to sell the film, and I wanted to get his opinion on something that I really wanted to change, but I knew it was a crazy move to pull the film off the market and go through a change and sit on it for so long. And Guillermo was such an influence that he said, ‘Look, you just have to make this film the way you want it to be.’ “

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IMDb described the film’s plot as, “A love fool becomes a random celebrity only to lose it all.” But that may have been more accurate before Day did his reshoots. How Deadline describes the plot is more detailed. Instead of following “the fool” per se, Cockaigne is a satirical comedy that follows a hapless publicist who exploits a man recently released from a psychiatric facility who looks like a method actor who refuses to come out of his trailer. With the help of a major Hollywood producer, the publicist turns the mentally ill doppelganger into a star. In the end he even marries his pretty leading lady. Together, their paths cross drunken co-stars, irreverent, homeless action heroes, unpredictable directors, super agents and John Malkovich.

But like many instant success stories, the two discover that everything they ever wanted might not be what they wanted most. Changed by their new lives, they realize the things that really matter to them and struggle to capture what’s important.

Fool’s Paradise: The Cast

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Cockaigne will have an incredible cast. Day brings together stars from all over Hollywood. In fact, if you read the cast list yourself, you might think Wes Anderson is writing a gangster movie and trying to pass it off as a television sketch comedy show. But don’t let that undermine the serious amount of talent Charlie Day has amassed here.

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Ken Jeong will play the hapless publicist and Charlie Day will play the mentally ill double. The late Ray Liotta will emerge as a powerful Hollywood producer. Kate Beckinsale will be our leading lady. Adrien Brody will play the drunk co-star. Common will serve as a homeless action hero. Jason Sudeikis will be the unpredictable director. Edie Falco will be the super agent. And John Malkovich will play a power-obsessed mogul.

The film will also feature Travis Fimmel (viking), Jason Bateman (arrested development), Glenn Howerton (it’s always sunny in Philadelphia), Alanna Ubach (euphoria), Jimmy Simpson (Always sunny, Westworld), Jillian Bell (Inherent vice, office Christmas party), Dean Norris (breaking Bad) and Day’s wife Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Always sunny). There will also be a large cast of stars that you may recognize from parts of the vast Hollywood ecosystem.

release date

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No release date has been set Cockaignebut the film is expected to premiere later this year.


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