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Peacock’s Original Miniseries dr Death was a surprise hit for the streaming service, which featured a morbid tale of medical malpractice based on true events. Inspired by the podcast of the same name, it followed the story of Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson), an incompetent surgeon notorious for systematically mutilating a litany of patients and killing two while they were under the knife. Meanwhile, fellow doctors Randall Kirby (Christian Slater) and Robert Henderson (Alec Baldwin) try to stop him. This is done with the help of a lawyer, Michelle Shugart (AnnaSophia Robb), who aims to get Duntsch incarcerated for murder.


It remains one of Peacock’s most notable original series, making it prime material for a sequel. Fortunately, according to a report by Variety, there will be a second season dr Death is confirmed to be in production. While we won’t follow Christopher Duntsch’s prison life, we’ll instead experience a brand new story about medical mutilation.

That’s all we know about the second season of dr Death.

dr Death Season 2: The Storyline

Christopher Duntsch in the middle of Dr.  Death

Since the original podcast is a seasonal anthology, the second season of dr Death follows a brand new story. According to the Variety report, the plot synopsis for dr Death Season two is as follows:

“Season 2 tells the story of Paolo Macchiarini, a charming surgeon known for his innovative surgeries that have earned him the nickname ‘Miracle Man.’ When investigative journalist Benita Alexander approaches him for a story, the line between work and life blurs and changes her life forever. When she learns how far Paolo will go to keep his secrets, a group of doctors turns on each other side of the world shocking discoveries of their own that question everything about the ‘Miracle Man.’

This corresponds to the original podcast. While Duntsch was primarily shadowed by Kirby and Henderson in season one, season two seems to focus more on Macchiarini and Alexander’s relationship. The “group of doctors halfway around the world” implies a globetrotter level not seen in the first season, expanding the scope of the series and possibly leading us to the globetrotter. Whether those Doctors will be a returning Kirby and Henderson remains to be seen.

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dr Death Season 2: Cast and Crew

dr  Kirby and Dr.  Henderson from Dr.  Death

At the time of writing, cast and crew information is available from dr Death Season two remains limited. However, the casting for the season’s main actors – Paolo Macchiarini and Benita Alexander – has been officially announced.

According to Variety, the role of Paolo Macchiarini will be played by Edgar Ramirez. The Venezuelan actor starred in the second season of FX American crime thriller, in which she plays the famous fashion icon Gianni Versace. He has also played several roles jungle cruise, The Last Days of American Crime and The doom. Based on his performances on previous crime-themed shows, he’ll likely excel at playing a sneaky, villainous doctor.

Benita Alexander is played by Mandy Moore, who has had a remarkable track record of performing over the past few years This is us and Tangled. The actress is also notable for her musical career, producing seven albums from 1999 to 2022 with her debut album. so realcertified platinum.

Season 1 showrunner Patrick Macmanus will now serve as executive producer for season 2. Macmanus was originally executive producer of the SyFy series Happy!, a dark comedy series based on the graphic novel of the same name. He will pass the reins to Ashley Michel Hoban, who has also worked with Macmanus Happy! in addition to serving as a producer for the first season of dr Death.

The first four episodes are directed by returning director Jennifer Morrison, credited for her roles as Dr. Cameron is known house md and further as Emma Swan There was once. The final four episodes are directed by Laura Belsey, who has had quite a prolific filmography and has directed several episodes The Walking Dead Arrow, and criminal thoughts, among other projects.

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release date

Unfortunately, there is currently no release date for the second season of dr Death. As of now, we can expect the series to air sometime in 2023.

dr Death Season 2: Everything Else

Christopher Duntsch drives in Dr.  Death

Should the series continue beyond Season 2, we already have an idea of ​​what to expect from Season 3. The show’s second season is actually based on the podcast’s third season.

The second season of the podcast follows Farid Fata, an oncologist who fraudulently prescribed chemotherapy in situations where it was not warranted. It’s possible the show skipped the podcast’s second season to keep up with the series’ operations theme, or because Paolo Macchiarini’s story translates better into a dramatic adaptation. In any case, we have a potential basis for a third season should the show continue its success.

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