resident Evil, the legendary apocalyptic video game series from Capcom, officially comes to our (small) screens on Netflix with a brand new storyline. On August 27, 2020, the streaming giant officially announced that the live-action resident Evil Series was in active development. The show is the brainchild of Andrew Dabb, co-showrunner and executive producer of the hit CBS TV series supernatural.

In an official statement for the show, Dabb went on to say:

resident Evil is my favorite game of all time. I’m incredibly excited to tell a new chapter in this amazing story and to bring the very first resident Evil Series to Netflix members around the world. For any kind of resident Evil Fan, including those who are coming to us for the first time, the series will be complete with a lot of old friends and some things (gory, crazy things) that people have never seen before.”

If the news about the development of this show sounds familiar to you, Deadline had previously covered the history of this show in January 2019. However, this is the first official confirmation that this video game will be adapted into a TV series. Of course, everyone is wondering what the plot of this show will be; Will it be similar to the video game or something completely different? What else can we expect from this upcoming Netflix series? Let’s dive right in.


Resident Evil: The Story

The video game adapted into the TV series follows the two Wesker children’s adventures and takes place in two time periods. Netflix confirmed the following storylines in an official announcement:

“In the first timeline, 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker are relocated to New Raccoon City. An industrial city, forced upon them right as teenagers, is in full swing. But the more time they spend there, the more they realize that the city is more than it seems and their father may be hiding dark secrets, secrets that could destroy the world on Earth. And more than six billion monsters – humans and animals infected with the T-virus. Jade, now thirty, is struggling to survive in this New World while the secrets of her past – about her sister, her father and herself – continue to haunt her.”

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Albert Wesker, her father and the eternal villain in the resident Evil Video games, has been an integral part of their world since the first video game. While we don’t know what will happen to Billie along the way, we’re pretty sure it will have something to do with teeth and mutation.

Resident Evil Cast Confirmed

Although the series was recently officially confirmed, as of June 2021, fans know a lot about it, including the main cast. At the time, Twitter account Netflix Geeked tweeted that six actors had been officially signed to the series. These include Lance Reddick, Ella Balinska von Charlie’s Angel Fame, Siena Agudong out F9: The Swift SagaTamara Smart out Are you afraid of the dark? and Artemis FowlPaola Nuñez from Bad boyz for life and The purge TV series fame and Adeline Rudolph Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale.

As Variety reports, Lance Reddick will take on the role of Albert Wesker, the antagonist who first appeared in the video game in 1996. In fact, this character has been featured in quite a few resident Evil also film projects. We last saw Tom Hopper in the role of Wesker in 2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Reddick has acted in many popular films and television series, most notably as Charon in the John Wick Film series and Cedric Daniels on HBO The cable.

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Character details for Smart, Balinska, Agudong, Nuñez, and Rudolph are yet to be released. The IMDb page for the series also features Tetiana Gaidar listed as a Tactical Weapons Trainer. The list also includes Evan Hengst as Carl, Rizelle Januk as Billie Wesker’s teacher, and more. Variety also reported that Ahad Raza Mir would be joining the cast. However, his role has not yet been announced.

Resident Evil: release date

That resident Evil The series will be released on Netflix on July 14, 2022, as tweeted by Netflix Geeked. Back in 2020, Netflix announced the show would consist of eight episodes, each one hour long. This pretty much follows the same format as most TV shows on streaming services in recent years. However, it is unclear whether Netflix will drop all eight episodes of resident Evil all at once, or opt for a once-a-week publishing format.

Given that a number of streaming platforms, including Disney+ and Prime, have been releasing their popular shows every week, it’s likely Netflix would do the same. However, we won’t know that until July 14th.

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