Perfect Match: Premiere Date, Cast, and Other Things We Know About the Netflix Show

If you’ve paid any attention to reality TV over the past three years or so, you’ll know that those with a Netflix subscription have turned a number of streaming service options into massive hits. Shows how The circle, love is blindand Too hot to touch helped many people get through the early days of 2020 with their first installments and continue to be incredibly popular choices as the new season debuts.

Now, with additional season premieres for many of these now-familiar favorites either recently aired or on the horizon, the streamer has surprised us with a brand new reality series coming to the small screen soon and featuring some faces, who we know: Perfect match. Fortunately, this upcoming show is not a mystery as we have already received some details about it which we will now share with all potential fans. Let’s start!

Perfect Match premiered on February 14th

Candidates for a perfect match

(Image credit: Netflix)

I wasn’t joking when I said that Perfect match will be wowing reality TV fans shortly, as the new series is set to debut just in time for anyone looking to have a chilled-out Valentine’s Day celebration at home. That’s right folks; Tudum (opens in new tab) announced that it’s set to debut on February 14, although anyone hoping to booze the entire season will need to be patient, which we’ll talk about a little later.

Perfect Match is a dating show competition

a scene from the Perfect Match cast video

(Image credit: Netflix)

That shouldn’t come as a big shock Perfect match is one of many Netflix dating shows. After diversityrather than everyone just being thrown together to try and find their eternal love, there will be some gameplay and twists to keep things interesting.


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