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Paul Mescal earned his first Oscar nomination for “Aftersun,” and fans are ecstatic

Oscar nominations day was a really great day for all of us Paul Mescal fans as the actor received his first Oscar nomination for his performance in the indie darling After sun. The 26-year-old actor has garnered a sizable following following his stellar performance in Hulu’s adaptation of normal people. Now, a few years later, and after a fairly quiet campaign for the actor to earn an Oscar nomination for Charlotte Wells’ A24 film, fans were thrilled to find out he’d made the list 2023 Oscar nominees.

Mescal’s Best Actor was one of many Shocks from the Oscar nominations. While many of these surprises were numerous Oscar nudgethis nomination for After sun was unexpectedly exciting news for cinephiles and Mescals fans alike, which was made very clear by all the reactions on Twitter.


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