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Palworld basically lets players play as Team Rocket

That Pokemon Franchise is no stranger to cloning or imitators. Already in 1996 an overnight success, Pokemon was aped at every corner. This was particularly prominent in the early 2000s, along with other popular franchises such as Digimon and even dragon quest to jump on the trend of collecting and fighting monsters. Even though Pokemon Clones have become less popular in recent years, which hasn’t stopped some developers from bringing a unique twist to the formula and what’s to come Palworld sure does.


Slated to be released sometime in 2023, Palworld is one of the better known Pokemon clones out there. As an open-world multiplayer game, it shares many similarities with the recently released one temtem, although there are some key differences between the two. Where temtem is basically just the default Pokemon gameplay formula brought into an MMO, Palworld is a third-person survival shooter that allows players to use their monsters however they see fit, while giving the player character some serious Team Rocket vibes.

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Palworld is a much darker version of Pokémon

in the Palworldplayers are thrust into a fantastic but dangerous open world. While exploration is an important part of the overall experience, survival is by far the most important aspect. Players must control their hunger, temperature, and all other common survival game stats, and are encouraged to do so by any means necessary.

in the Pokemon, the titular monsters are always viewed as somewhat sentient creatures that have their own personalities and motivations. Although the trainer makes them duel to the point of exhaustion, everything is done together to become the best. Palworld, however, makes it clear that his monsters, simply called pals, are there for the player to exploit. Players are encouraged to let their buddies work on a farm and harvest resources, construct buildings for the player and defend the settlement from outside attackers. Players can even set up a factory and use their buddies to create various resources and crafting materials at a constant rate. There is no teamwork or equality Palworld; there is only the player and his subordinates.

Eventually, players will unlock the ability to craft weapons, which is a surprisingly large part of it Palworldso far the marketing material from . These weapons can then be crafted in the player’s factories and later equipped by both the player character and their buddies. This leads to some hilariously dark visuals, with little bunny monsters wielding assault rifles and adorable round sheep holding down the fortress with an array of machine guns. In another particularly dark twist, players can even eat some of their buddies and feed them to each other. The juxtaposition of bright, colorful and cute – all things fans love Pokemon would expect from a clone – and make eerie images of guns, slave labor and captivity Palworld a real eye-catcher for the genre.

The promotional material for Palworld even mentions that players can sneak into forbidden zones and catch a bunch of compromised friends, which is explicitly illegal in the game world. While they’ve never gone as far as Pokemon cannibalism, Team Rocket would be both impressed and appalled by what players are capable of and when Palworld eventually released sometime next year.

Palworld will be released in 2023 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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