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Padang becomes Singapore’s 75th national monument

The Padang was officially designated as Singapore’s 75th national monument on National Day (9 August). The event was attended by Minister for Culture, Society and Youth Edwin Tong.

It is the first open green space to be included in the National Monuments List, which includes other Singapore landmarks such as MacDonald House and Fort Siloso.

The Gazette will preserve the character and appearance of the Padang for future generations while ensuring that it remains open for use.

“The Padang is a site of great national historical importance as it has witnessed many important milestones in our country’s history,” said Mr. Tong in a Facebook post.

As one of Singapore’s oldest public spaces, many anniversaries, coronations, festivals and royal birthdays have been celebrated here. Sporting events such as New Year’s sports and cricket matches were also held there during the colonial period.

The historic site is also associated with important milestones in Singapore, including the Victory Parade to celebrate the formal surrender of the Japanese in Singapore in 1954, the unveiling of the country’s national symbols in 1959, and the 1966 National Day opening parade.

Padang National Monument
Caption: Today, the Padang continues to function as an important recreation and memorial site for the community. PHOTO CREDIT: NATIONAL HERITAGE BOARD

The Padang is still used as a venue for major sporting events such as the Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby Sevens and serves as the start and finish point of the Singapore Marathon.

Following the announcement, the National Heritage Board will launch various commemorative initiatives such as interactive games and tours for the public. The initiatives aim to promote awareness and appreciation of the importance of Padang.

This contains [email protected]a Minecraft Game that takes high school students to a virtual underground labyrinth under the Padang. As they compete against their peers to search for clues and escape the maze, students will learn the significance of the location and its key milestones.

In addition, new guided tours will be launched in August, focusing on the Padang and surrounding national monuments. The public can look forward to it too Monumental Huntan informative riddle hunt in the borough starting in November.

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